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We are here to help you perfect your project. We work as much as you do to make your project alive and well.

We always keep applications open but onboard startups as we have capacity.

You apply with your product

We review your application and have meetings with you

You’ll move to our house and we’ll start working together

Then, celebrate our great success

The deal

When you join the house, you'll get

10KTL for Marketing budget for first traction


Legal Support


Mentorship from great people

Hackquarters team taskforce

Meetings with investors

A lot of free services from our supporters including cloud storage to marketing

We get

As one of the first people who believed in your startup, we get 10% of your company

but, we know you love your startup, so we promise you can buy %5 later with initial value.

Join the house in Istanbul

We are extremely happy that you are considering to be a member of our family!

We revise all business plans and ideas and plan to reply back to you about your application in 7 working days.

We want to know about your:

Business plan

Rockstar team

Ambitions for success

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Don't worry! If you don’t have a presentation ready, can check our example here and create yours accordingly

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Our beloved family!

A native mobile and web application that connects animal lovers & veterinary clinics according to their location, working hours, services.

Gece Gorusu allows merchants (cafe, bar, restaurant owners) to promote anything from their menu anytime to potential customers with laser sharp targeting at effordable prices.

Screen socialiser let’s TV channels be more social and interactive with infrastructure provided. TV editors and moderators, can easily tap any social content to live broadcast.

Email beautiful electronic invitations online that are delivered to guests in a personalized envelope invite for your special occasion.

Datapare is a comparison platform for your business to track all items or services that you are interested. Datapare gathers prices, features and all the information you deserve and sends you frequent updates leaving you just managing your business strategy.


Treat other people with small surprises. Social way to send peer to peer money and gifts.

Simple effortless form processing. Form endpoints to manage the backend of your online webforms.

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

We want more people to believe in us and your plans. These are the people help you get best care while you are in our house!

Kaan Akın

Founder, Hackquarters

Namık Kural

Angel Investor

Muge Yılmaz

Google, Strategic Partnership Manager

Volkan Onguc

Angel Investor - PepsiCo, Head of Insights East Europe Region

Selim Önal

Sr.Software Developer, Google


Product Designer

Neil Fogarty

Managing Director, Spark Capacitee

Michelle Fogarty

Delivery Director, Spark Capacitee

Alan Weinkrantz

Brand Ambassador to Israel, Rackspace

Hakan Burucu

Vice President, Orhan Holding

Mesut Güneş

QA Team Lead, Morhipo

Mustafa Özçilingir

Sr. Manager, Samsung

Koray Yıldız

Business Development Manager, Samsung

Kaan Bingöl

Co-founder & CEO, Netmera

Berk Taner

Co-Founder, APIPlug

Hilton Lam

Business Development, IA

Aykut Karaalioglu

Founder & CEO, Mobile Action


A great Girl / Guy shouldn’t be single. It is literally unfair!

But we like singles a lot. If you are a single without a startup, idea or team, you can apply for our singles team. According to your skills, may be our startups might need your help or we can revive some of the projects sitting at the attic.

Also, we’ll have awesome events, that you don’t want to miss!

Proud to be Single!


Not just Hackquarters, but a lot of partners all around are trying to make sure that founders get the success that they deserve. Some help with their technologies, some with their network. We adore our supporters.

If you want to help, we can find a way that you could!

Here are some of our great supporters!


If you are interested in startups at Hackquarters and considering to invest, leave your information by clicking below and we will update you as fast as we grow startups.

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