2021 Sustainable Growth Programme has Officially Started

March 9, 2021

It’s two years that Hackquarters is working closely with HSBC and WWF on Sustainable Growth Programme is a 6-month social entrepreneurship accelerator for startups and entrepreneurs. The Programme aims to grow and scale social solutions supporting the Climate Action and Nature-based solutions and contribute to the implementation of UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Receiving more than 90 applications from 10+ countries, the Programme team set the pipeline for ten startups and accepted six startups. Following the next six months, the startups will receive training and mentorship from Hackquarters’ rockstar mentors and trainers and get opportunities to grow their business via the global partnership network of Hackquarters, HSBC, and WWF. 

Startups selected for the Sustainable Growth Programme 2021:



Laska is a high-tech company that upcycles end-of-life tires with innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production approaches. Laska obtains two high-added value products from waste tires with our patentable technology and the circular economy approach: carbon black and biofuel.




Ottan develops and produces high-quality and long-lasting materials by the up-cycling of green waste in the circular economy model for a sustainable future. With Ottan Materials, companies can grow eco-products in more than five industries such as furniture, housewares, and building.

Anadolu Meralari 


Anadolu Meralari is an initiative that promotes regenerative agriculture and creates models for alternative markets and supply chains which make a bridge between economy and ecology by promoting practices that enrich the soil and add higher nutritional and monetary value to the end product. AM localizes proven regenerative farming techniques, recruits teams of local farmers and young individuals making rural communities attractive and viable living environments, thus reshaping rural life and unleashing potential in Turkey.



Agcurate delivers accurate and periodical information for agri-businesses suffering a lack of rural agricultural bits of intelligence, connecting agri-businesses with reliable and rich rural data and analytics.

Atık Nakit


Atık Nakit combines the sources that generate recyclable wastes in homes and businesses and the recycling tools that collect these wastes. On the other hand, it makes waste management more sustainable and less costly with the occupancy sensor and the IoT-based smart waste container working with the press inside.



Hagelson, with its unique project and technology, produces plastic raw materials from recycling waste carpets. Thus, problems like waste carpets made during the production process and removing wastes during floor covering with mats are eradicated.

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