3rd Batch of Visa Innovation Program

May 17, 2021

This year’s new batch of Visa Innovation Program, Hackquarters, has been arranging with the partnership of Visa for three years, which has eventually started. Last two years in the Visa Innovation Program, 210 startups applied, 9 of them selected the Program, 150 hours of mentorship sessions were achieved, and alumni startups raised $2.9 mn in total. This year, the Visa Innovation Program is in progress without slowing down. We focused on building smarter cities to help governments embed payment as part of their digital city experience design efforts, designing next-generation payment experience to introduce a new type of payment experiences and infrastructure for the post-plastic world. Unlocking new payment flows to move cash-intensive prices on the card rails and empower SMEs to accelerate SMEs post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery with digital solutions. 

For the third batch of the Visa Innovation Program, 90+ startups applied to the Program, and 6 of them were selected. The Program consists of PoC / Partnership opportunities and an introduction to Visa. Introduce to Visa’s clients to fast-track, test, validate and implement your solutions within Visa’s vast network of financial institutions and corporate partners. Access to funding and VCs, an introduction, and follow up with the local and global VC and angel networks in Europe, MENA. Getting support with the funding process and deals, showcasing, extensive exposure as part of the Program—recognition from some of the leading payment brands in the world. Dedicated mentorship and support by prominent design thinking experts throughout the Program will help you with all your business needs and PoC efforts and region-wide market access. Access to business opportunities across the SEE region and local support from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey’s most active fintech ecosystem players, tech stack, startup perks (up to$200,000), essential tools, and industry data VisaAPI’s, and more. 

Here are the six selected startups:

FineDine: FineDine is an AI-driven digital ordering and restaurant management platform that helps restaurant operators increase sales and customer retention by using deep learning & data-driven insights. 

Fintegre: Fintegre is a financial services platform for retailers. From consumer finance to insurance, enables financial services that impact the bottom lines of retailers.

HASO: Next-generation Buy Now, Pay Later system for developing countries.

Norma: Freelancer and Micro-SME banking and financial services platform.

Paratic: Paratic provides all banks to be managed from a single platform. All bank accounts, transactions are on one screen. It is for firms for now. After regulation, Paratic will also present it to individual customers.

Solipay - Utarit: Utarit is an AutoID (Automatic Identification / Data Collection) technology company, which focuses on the “e-payment and access control systems.” Solutions are mainly used on university campuses and now expanding to transportation systems.

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