41 North: a Current Business School

November 16, 2018

Conventional business models, vertical organizational structures and traditional leadership styles are all demolished by the disruptive changes in technology and social norms. You need to stay current in order to cope with today’s challenges. 21st century learning must take place in contexts that promote interaction and a sense of community that enable a true learning. With its interactive setting, 41 North Business School provides a learning environment to inspire you to attain the knowledge and skills with a top-technology learning hub that the 21st century demands from us all.Located in the heart of the Business District in Istanbul, 41 North Business School remains the first and only stand-alone Business School in Turkey, addressing the needs of the business world with the expertise of our partners; companies, opinion leaders, technology advisors, world’s leading business schools.Together with our top business school and institution partners, we create and impart new knowledge to advance business and society, we create entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly.We envisioned Istanbul – a cultural heritage, a bridge between East and West, a true inspiration with its dynamism and entrepreneur energy- to become a learning hub for all those coming from not just Turkey but also from all over the world.

"Women in Leadership" Program: Starting on 13th December 2018

We have developed the “Women in Leadership” program to encourage women managers to expand their sphere of influence by maintaining their feminine reality and to become women leaders in their own original style.The academy based leadership program is highly personalized for each woman manager and based on intensive practice.The program consists of 4 modules, two days per module, over four months, having “self-awareness” in the center, focusing on critical skills such as communication, networking, creating impact, problem-solving. The facilitators of each module will be using 21st century’s learning techniques such as action learning sets, community learning, gamification, supported by one on one coaching and group coaching sessions between the modules.Following the program, you will be invited to meetings where graduates of the program, program instructors and business leaders will share information and discuss important developments in their areas and inspire each other. Thanks to the “Women in leadership” program, you will become a very valuable part of a women leaders network and be supported throughout your business lives.Join us, unleash your potential and kick the glass ceiling!

Digital Excellence Post-Graduate Certificate Program: Starting on 7th January 2019

Digital disruption affects businesses across all sectors. Corporate decision-makers have the choice whether they only take the role as followers to preserve their existing business lines in the digital age, or whether they want to become innovators, shaping industry trends and conquering new digital markets.41 North Business School in cooperation with ESMT (European School for Management and Technology) Berlin offers the Digital Excellence Post-Graduate Certificate focusing in the areas of strategy & innovation & technology. The academically designed program supports enhancing participants’ professional development and reshapes their leadership skill set in digitalization.The six modules of the joint 41 North Business School and ESMT Berlin Digital Excellence Program prepare and equip corporate leaders to disrupt their businesses, develop new strategies, introduce organizational changes and pro-actively seize the opportunities digitalization brings to their markets.

1st module: Innovation and a Corporate Model, Building Digital Strategy:

Gives executives a framework to generate new business models, identify key resources, partners, and organizational prerequisites.Provides the necessary tools to develop a digital strategy.

2nd module: Ideation Workshop: Being Agile and Entrepreneurial

Gives a structure to thoroughly understand customers’ needs, ideate, develop prototypes, and generate solutions.Participants familiarize themselves with the tools to advance new ideas inside and outside of their companies, and how to turn those ideas into successful businesses.

3rd Module: Data-Driven Organizations

Participants learn how to apply basic data analytics to test their assumptions and to derive decisions from quantitative insights.

4th Module: Understanding Leadership and Being a Leader in a Digital World

Participants learn about how to lead in a digital environment by building an adequate organizational structure and by using new ways of communication.

5th Module: Understanding, Analyzing, and Applying New Technologies in Existing and New Business Models

Encourages participants to embrace Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IOT for process optimization and new business ideas.

6th Module: Bringing Technology to Market and Delivering on Digital

Inspires participants how to commercialize new ideas and how to successfully implement digital transformation projects.

Join us at Istanbul in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and be part of the change, today!

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