4th Batch Workup Startups Graduated from the Program with Demo Day

June 20, 2019

It feels like we start every blog about Isbank the same way, but the thing is we like their team, their investment into the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs within Workup network. Even if we do not directly contribute to the program anymore with the 4th batch startups, as always, we help any startup in our network, in any way we can.

Recently, Workup program had their 4th batch of startups graduated. Like the previous batches of Workup, 4th batch accepted good startups and graduated great ones. On demo day, there were 11 startups on stage: Alivex, Devfolio, Givin, Gmply, Grabono, Juphy, OtoParlat, Pcichecklist, Securezi, Sertifier, Tolkido.

Startups in Workup 4th batch

Alivex is a tech partner for organizers on outdoor and healthy lifestyle activities,

Devfolio allows developers to create their portfolio website easily with pre-built templates and integrations,

Givin is a social startup that allows you to either donate stuff to sell, or buy things to support education of underpriviliged, stray animals or NGOs,

Gmply is an online education platform that allows trainers to create interactive videos,

Grabono is a loyalty program app with rewarding gamification options,

Juphy is a social platform that allows you to manage your accounts in one place,

OtoParlat is an app that allows you to order waterless car wash to the location your car is,

Pcichecklist checks if any website have the requirements for PCI-DSS authorization,

Securezi is an easy to use, affordable smart security system to protect and watch your home remotely,

Sertifier is an easy tool to design, send, store and verify smart certificates,

Tolkido produces interactive educational material for children with autism.


About Workup by Isbank

Started in 2017, Workup by Isbank has accepted more than 40 startups in 4 batches. 26 of 29 previously graduated startups are still running.

Entrepreneurs who are successful in Workup will be brought together with many investors and investment companies in the ecosystem so they can get the investment they need. In addition, entrepreneurs who graduate from the program will be able to benefit from the Kolektif House at a discounted rate for their office needs in the next phase, so that they can continue to interact with the mentors they work with during the program and continue to receive some of the supports.

Hackquarters Team
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