5th Batch of Bayer G4A Program Was Successfully Ended

August 24, 2022

Hackquarters has delivered the 5th Batch of the Bayer G4A Turkey Startup Acceleration Program this year. Aligned with Bayer’s innovation strategy, G4A Turkey Program is a 100-day startup accelerator program supporting startups in the fields of health and agriculture to grow and scale their businesses via training, mentoring support, and Bayer’s partnership network. Participant startups have also been able to pitch to investors in our network and raise money. For the last five years since 2018 943 startups have applied, and 33 have been selected for the program. We had a good track record that many alumni startups raised investments and significantly improved their businesses.


This year, 203 startups applied to the program; 16 pitched their solutions to the jury, and seven were selected for this year’s batch. All seven startups are in various stages; most have already launched their MVPs, early-stage or late-stage products. This year’s G4A Turkey program has been implemented online and focused on consumer health, crop science, and pharma. The core aim was to cope with the main challenges Bayer and Hackquarters can contribute to. The wide range of challenges includes women’s health, environmental issues, telehealth solutions, and many more.

The participant startups had a chance to work with Bayer to improve their businesses. While some of them got support from Bayer for clinical or field trials, some startups developed new products with Bayer. 3 of them got 100.000 TL grants, and all startups joined intense training and a 1-1 mentorship program with Hackquarters and Bayer mentors. 

Here Are 7 Alumni Startups of This Year’s Batch:

Bridgesoft: ​​Bridgesoft integrates the selective spraying method into field sprayers using artificial intelligence & IoT technologies; It saves pesticides by spraying only harmful weeds and helps to reduce agricultural costs.

Farmingo: Farmingo, an autonomous spraying kit for sequential planting trees, helps to greatly reduce the number of pesticides, water, and fuel consumed and increase crop yield by attaching to existing agricultural spraying machines.

FARMACV: FARMACV is a vertical career platform that produces digital solutions for pharmacists to find qualified employees. In addition to the digital solution, all pharmacist technician selection and placement processes are managed from end to end, ensuring the most accurate pharmacy-technician matching.

BabyAcademy: BabyAcademy offers content for parents with fun-filled activities tailored to baby's age and developmental needs, a developmental milestone checklist, health expert articles, parenting tips, and a personalized development plan.

Kidolog: Kidolog, an online consultancy platform, provides 24/7 online expert support for parents and prospective parents in 11 different categories that they may need before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and until their children turn 18, and to help children have a healthy development process in language, gross motor, supports the development of children with an early intervention program that regularly monitors their motor, cognitive and social-emotional development and when necessary.

Argeron NephroTesT: Argeron NephroTesT measures the stress and damage to which the kidney is exposed by measuring the increase in trehalase activity in the urine. Thanks to the early diagnosis of kidney damage, it eliminates the factor that causes the damage or prevents the progression of the damage with early treatment. It can be used for screening, diagnosis, and follow-up purposes in all fields of medicine.

GlaucoT: GlaucoT is developing a non-invasive, neuroprotective wearable therapy device to treat glaucoma, the most common cause of permanent blindness worldwide. In this field, it offers a new treatment method.

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