A Shortcut for Starting Up a Media-Heavy Platform

April 9, 2021

Are you launching an app with lots of user-generated or product content? Then you’ll need a steady file handling infrastructure in place. 

While on the MVP stage, you can implement basic file uploads from open source in a few weeks, so it may seem quite an easy nut to crack. But as soon as you start to scale and the number of use cases spirals, you may begin to encounter traps and pitfalls. 

4 pitfalls a startup can fall into with file handling 

Potential issues may pop up at any stage of a file’s journey:

#1. Uploading

You’ll need to support all sorts of files, including crazy large ones, because end users usually don’t care about the file size and format. On top of that, the more users and content you have, the higher the risk of janky web performance and security hazards.

#2. Storage

The storage will need to be secure and able to scale as you grow. If you’re planning to handle personal or health data, you’ll have to make sure you’re HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

#3. Processing

Here you’ll have to think about media conversion and compression, creating thumbnails and watermarking, content moderation, and art direction. And, consequently, all possible ways to automate the process.

#4. Delivery

To deliver the content fast and tailor it to the individual’s context, you’ll have to think about serving it from different locations and building automated responsiveness.

A fully fledged file handling infrastructure covering all the points above can take up to 2-3 years to build and 50 hours of maintenance per year, not to mention sorting out the potential security issues. 

That’s why hiring a reliable third-party vendor like Uploadcare can be a game-changer, saving you time and focus. 

Automate file handling and save up to $12K/year with Uploadcare

Uploadcare is a ready-to-integrate infrastructure that covers file uploading, processing, and delivery. As a Hackquarters partner, it offers a $1000 monthly no-compromise credit for you to start up and scale.

What's inside:

  • A no-code customizable and responsive File Uploader
  • Image CDN with 288K servers all over the world
  • Built-in image processing toolkit powered by AI
  • Adaptive Delivery, an image optimization solution that adapts images to user context: screen size, browser, location, and other parameters

Perks for your team:

  • Faster time to market, as the team stays focused on the core product
  • The infrastructure will scale as you grow
  • Improved UX and faster loading speed on any screen and connection
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance

If you’re a founder and you want to apply for the Uploadcare incentive program, contact partnerships@uploadcare.com and mention you're from the Hackquarters community.

To learn more about Uploadcare, visit uploadcare.com.

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