Administration Is Not Just All About Stationery!

April 5, 2019

There are a lot of researches available every day, they’ve written to explain how you should manage your company to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in order to earn more. One advice is nearly common in all of them;

  • The ways of managing a company or a business or firm or department is changing, constantly and fastly with help of new technology and social media.

Trends, PR and marketing channels, communication tools and ways, understanding of employees and customers, aspects of assets of a business are all changing fastly whether you resist to change or not. Either accept the fact and adapt yourself and your business or not, above reality won’t change.

Several years ago it was important to open a Facebook page for your business but now Instagram pages are far more important to reach potential customers. So it is time to explain new trends of administration to earn more at the end, it is our common goal, isn’t it. WHY Administration? Because admin is one of money spenders, creating only expenses. Second most popular common item the companies looking for is reducing administration costs according to researches. As an administration professional, you have critical responsibilities including helping to maximize your organization’s investment and value and profit and reduce costs in administration terms. So here are some new admin management tools for you;

  • Create incoming resources: Incentives, Grants.
  • Follow government and other resources of incentives and grants, they always publish the terms and coverage.
  • Be an expert by reading every detail of application and deadline schedule.
  • Change your perspective to the way you look at your company, there is always a product, a process, a support material or a tax item that you can compensate its expense by incentive and grants.
  • Use technology, especially applications and outsource programmes. There are millions out there and you can find one to replace a regular paid outsource service. You can run the admin department of 20 employee company by yourself using technology. Such as cloud computing to accomodate mobile workforce.
  • Develop your company tailored strategies to improve service quality and increase the use of self-service technologies for employees.
  • Check intelligent property and branding applications for availability for your services or products. As an admin pro, it is your duty to run processes which are extremely complicated, due diligent and required a good portion of the deadline. As a result, a registered brand or patent applications are a tremendous asset to your company.
  • You have a key role in event management. Conduct good relations and perform interpersonal skills to have an effective supplier network.
  • Don’t buy, rent as much as you can.
  • Deliver tangible, concrete results every day, small or big, just deliver.
  • Learn government policies on office and permit bases, especially processes and related departments. Be a professor of them and update yourself regularly. It can produce life saving results.

Don’t forget, administration is not only stationery.

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