Akbank Hackathon Recap: Event, Winners, Training Sessions

November 18, 2019

Akbank Hackathon, which took place in Akbank Banking Center on 15-17 November 2019, was a very exciting event. 20 teams selected out of 500+ applications coded for 3 days. Selected teams developed projects aiming to strengthen Akbank's mobile experience and make it easier for customers to accumulate. At the end of day 3, teams pitched their projects to the grand jury. Errorist team presenting a project called MiniBirikim took the first place at the Akbank Hackathon.

Day1: Opening and Meeting

The Hackathon began on Friday (November 15th). The first day started with presentations of Hackquarters and Akbank teams. 20 teams from 4 different cities met on the first day and were informed about the overall program flow. Following the introduction of the Hackathon expectations, the teams began to develop and code their projects.

Day2: Mentoring and Training Sessions

After the first night of non-stop coding, on the 2nd day, Hackquarters and Akbank mentors guided the teams. Mentors from different fields of expertise advised teams on their projects. Lean Canvas training by Kaan Akın and Presentation Techniques training by Ahmet Özgür Köse attracted the most attention. After the presentations, the teams worked all night to finalize their projects.

Day3: The pitches and winners

After 2 sleepless nights of non-stop coding, all teams pitched their products on stage. The 4-minute presentations were very exciting and enjoyable. After the presentations, the winners were announced.


Errorist team took first place with their MiniBirikim project. MiniBirikim can analyze users’ behavior and identify routine expenses. It can catch the points where regular expenditures were not made and encouraged them to accumulate these non-expenditures.


Hypersoft team took the 2nd place with Kassa project. Kassa is an application that facilitates and encourages individual accumulation based on the traditional gold day method. Through social solidarity, the application focuses on solving the problem of saving money of young professionals, users can create a circle with their social environment by targeting a common subject and/or the amount they need financing.


The Akgezenler team took the 3rd place with the SeninDünyan project, which created a virtual world in the banking sector. With the SeninDünyan project, you can build hospitals, schools, and shopping centers in your own virtual world with your own money. You can benefit from various discounts and opportunities with these structures.

Hackquarters Team
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