Batch#5 Workup Startups Graduated

December 9, 2019

Workup is one of the coolest and most successful acceleration programs in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem. The program, designed with the support of Hackquarters; is now being implemented by Is Bank and Kolektif House, with the mentorship of the leading names of the ecosystem. Many startups graduated from Workup have achieved great success so far. As Hackquarters, we are very happy to be a part of such a program, having an influence on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. On December 05, Workup showcased new graduates on Demo Day of the 5th Batch.Agrovisio is a web platform that automatically detects agricultural areas with the help of satellite imagery, soil maps, and artificial intelligence, and predicts productivity and yield.Cameralyze is an initiative that develops artificial intelligence assisted virtual assistants by analyzing camera images and making recommendations to companies about customer profiles with the results it obtains.FakeFind is a mobile application that allows you to detect fake accounts opened on the Internet and use social media more reliably.Gamer Arena is an online and competitive eSports tournament platform where e-gamers can face their rivals in the challenge and tournament concept, gain game rank and win many prizes.HoloNext is a Saas-based AR content development platform that helps companies and individual users easily design and view Augmented Reality (AR) experiences across different platforms.Qubitro is a cloud platform that eliminates the development process of IoT projects and enables all scenarios required for both individual and corporate users to be implemented without coding and installation.Teamfluencer is a community-based platform that promotes brands in an organic way by sharing nano influencers in social media accounts collectively.Verilogy is a data security platform that provides solutions to operational challenges facing companies and lawyers due to GDPR.Vidyou is a video marketing platform that enables eCommerce sites and marketers to convert hundreds of thousands of products to automated video in seconds and automates this process.

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