Bayer G4A Marks 6 Years in Turkey

April 6, 2023

The Bayer G4A 2023 startup program, implemented by Hackquarters since 2018, recently held two successful online meetup events on 21 March and 5 April 2023. These events provided valuable insights for this exciting initiative. In partnership with Bayer, the program fosters innovation and growth in the #consumerhealth, #cropscience, #healthtech, and #pharmaceutical sectors.

Over the years, the Bayer G4A program has significantly impacted participating startups in Turkey, enabling them to raise investments and enhance their businesses. G4A offers valuable support and mentorship, helping startups thrive in their respective industries. So far in the program, 33 have been selected to the program out of 943 startups applied. The Program has a good track record that many alum startups raised investments and significantly improved their businesses.

The online meetups aimed to raise awareness about the G4A Program, share the challenges and expectations of the Bayer team, and bring together Bayer Türkiye professionals and Turkish consumer health, pharma, and crop science startups. 

We held two informative online meetups on 21 March and 5 April 2023. Both events started with a welcome from Kaan Akın, CEO, Hackquarters, who provided an overview of the program and shared essential details. Melis Soylu, Communications Business Partner CS, Channels & Amplification, Bayer, joined the discussions, highlighting the benefits and expectations of the G4A 2023 program at both meetups.

The first meetup featured introductions from Bayer Division Innovators, with Okan Bayel, Gökhan Kıral, and Ayça Paralı presenting their respective areas of expertise. They also joined for the second event to introduce their divisions and answer questions from the audience.

Both meetups allowed attendees to directly engage with the Bayer team in dedicated breakout rooms during the Q&A sessions. This interactive format allowed startups to ask 1-on-1 questions, fostering meaningful connections and promoting open dialogue between participants and the Bayer team.

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Don't miss out! The Bayer G4A 2023 program application deadline is 9 April 2023.

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