Being an Entrepreneur at Hackquarters Pioneers

May 1, 2018

Every day, many people seek answers to questions, "What is an entrepreneur? How to be an entrepreneur?" etc. First of all, I can say that I did not know the answers to these questions until I joined the Hackquarters Pioneers program. Thanks to this program, I got acquainted with the world of entrepreneurship and listened to the success and failure stories of many entrepreneurs and learned what it was like. I will try to tell you what I learned, as someone who has experienced it.Technology is advancing at a great pace. There is almost everything in this abundance. So how can you make a difference here? The answer is simple: with your ideas.To me, being an entrepreneur is to be creative. At one point, it is to answer what people need. It is being up to date; to focus on what people are doing now and what they will do in the future, not what they used to do. It is almost impossible not to be an entrepreneur when these two are combined.The beginning of everything is of course to believe in yourself. Nobody can stop you when you believe in yourself and your project, no matter who says what. If we want to give an example to this, it would be Elon Musk. When he said he was going to go to Mars, nobody believed him. Now we know that he has proven himself.When you say "I believe in myself, I trust my project, then what?", you have to build a team. The team is actually the hardest and most important part of this job. It is difficult to gather people who believe in your project like you, but at least you can find people who will love and support your project. You can create a team from people you know and trust more. But here is one thing you need to be aware of: Every person in your team should be able to take on and be able to do a task that will work in your project.For example, if you want to make a mobile application, of course you should have a software developer and a designer. So you should find teammates with what you are looking for and in need of. You have to check them regularly, you have to give deadlines for them to do what you want. After all, if there is no targeted time, your project will not end easily. Other than that, of course, there will be disagreements, people who leave halfway through the team and those who do not do their job. But no matter what, you have to proceed with the ones who have the same desire with you.If you say "The idea is ready, the team is ready, now what?", you should know that you have to press the START button now. You should give everyone their duties and wait until they do the day you set. Help them when necessary, and check them regularly. The entrepreneur is not only the person who is at the front with their idea, but also who can lead a team by showing the leader spirit.Yes, as you can see, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems. It is not easy to run a business after becoming an entrepreneur. But it is important that you should never give up no matter what; because an entrepreneurial spirit never gives up. If you think you have this spirit in yourself, I strongly recommend that you apply for the Hackquarters Pioneers program, which will allow you to train yourself more individually and even meet the people with whom you can establish your team.English translation of the Turkish talk of:Sena Kahraman, Hackquarters Pioneers Beta Galatasaray University

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