Blockcircus: Blockchain Hackathon in Istanbul

June 25, 2018

For people who know the concept of blockchain, blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies. For others, they are all "Bitcoins". The ones who research on technology are aware of the potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain is much more than developing a digital currency. This technology that our country has also been interested in for a while, will shape the future. This is exactly why the Blockcircus event is organized in Istanbul.Blockcircus, Turkey's first Blockchain hackathon will be held at Kolektif House in Levent, by Ali Perik, Ezgi Erdem and Zeynep Özbay and under the leadership of Kemal Apaydın. The event, which will start on the evening of Friday, June 29, will continue until Sunday, July 1.

HQ Blog Blockcircus: Blockchain Hackathon in Istanbul

Developers who are experienced in blockchain or are curious in this field can apply to the program and follow the selection process. Even when you join alone, you have the chance to form a team in the field with the special dating session before the program. Organized under the main sponsorship of Yapı Kredi, the top 3 in Blockchain will receive great awards.You can visit the organization's website to register with Blockcircus and see more details.

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