Winners Announced for Blockcircus, Turkey's First Blockchain Education Hackathon

July 1, 2018

Blockcircus, Turkey's first blockchain education hackathon was held in Kolektif House in Istanbul on June 29-30 and July 1st, as you might remember from the news in our Hackquarters blog. As Hackquarters, we support this project wholeheartedly, so we of course followed this project.More than 800 developers applied to the event in total. Out of these, 13 teams accepted to Blockcircus made their presentations to the jury on July 1. As our followers who have mastered the blockchain world already know, new projects in Blockcircus have been evaluated as to whether they solve a real-life problem, whether they are permanent, on how they would grow their audience, and where the token would be used.

The projects of the teams presenting at Blockcircus were as follows:

The mobile blockchain game Bit.Qoyun, which allows players to create their own "virtual" coins, informing them about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the ecosystem,, a blockchain-based art gallery for artists and art galleries where they can verify the originality of the artworks, determine their values, and insure them,contchain, where you can follow whether the donated amounts actually reach their place and whether they really go to an NGO,Smartfund, which enables startups in need of funding to open a kind of crowdfunding just as they would open to the stock market and thus allowing people to invest in startups as much as they want,Budgetise, which increases the installment opportunities in retail shopping,Bitses, Bitses, a Turkish platform that will make it easier for non-English speaking blockchain enthusiasts to get information about altcoins,Registhereum, where you can perform transactions of organizations and meetings, as well as arrange rewarding or payment on a blockchain basis,Farmcoin, which allows us to purchase organic products directly from the farmer,Digital, reliable and fair blockchain based advertising ecosystem adh, which is attractive for all industries with its gamification logic.Breakchain, which enables online journalism to be carried out more transparently and reliably and intends to end clickbait reporting,Chaingers, which enables people to challenge each other by moving the challenge trend on YouTube to a blockchain-based application,Mesh, a blockchain-based system that stores personal data and verifies people with visual identification and data validation.

Blockcircus 2018 Winners, the blockchain-based art gallery for artists and art galleries, was chosen as the first of Blockcircus 2018. has also been accepted to the program's main sponsor Yapı Kredi's fintech acceleration program by receiving the Yapı Kredi special award. In addition, the team earned 3 months of English education from Cambly, a ₺ 7000 token from Arbitao, and ₺3000 cash prize.Farmcoin, which allows us to buy organic products directly from the farmer, was chosen as the second in Blockcircus. The team won a 2-month English training from Cambly, a ₺3450 token from Arbitao, and a ₺ 2000 cash prize.Registhereum came third in Blockcircus 2018. The team won a 1-month English training from Cambly, a ₺ 1200 token from Arbitao, and a ₺ 1000 cash prize.In addition, Colendi, one of the Blockcircus sponsors, awarded 1 ETH reward to teams of Breakchain, Bit.Qoyun and Bitses as a last minute addition.

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