Building Bridges of Entrepreneurship

May 9, 2018

When it comes to initiatives, the subject we always talk about is “Being Global”. When you look back, almost all of the companies that make a difference in the world are ones that affect and cause changes outside their own countries.The story of many startups starts from Istanbul or Turkey in general. The story that starts in Turkey continues to be successful in other parts of the world. In order to help to build these bridges of entrepreneurship, we carried out Turkish Startups Investment Summit in Berlin last week with Istanbul Startup Angels, Turkish Technology Team and Invest in Turkey (TC Başbakanlık Yatırım Ajansı).To the event, we invited both Turkish business people in Germany and entrepreneurship investors around the world. This one-day event was a chance to talk about the developments and opportunities in Turkey. Compocket, Evreka and Buy Buddy also had the chance to talk about their own initiatives. We were very pleased to see that all three startups received a lot of attention.

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