Care4Cattle: Bayer's New Goal is Cattle Welfare

May 14, 2018

As our friends who follow our blog would know, Hackquarters gives consultancy services to the Grants4Apps Turkey program. With Grants4Apps, Bayer supports Turkish entrepreneurs. Our friends at Bayer do their best to lead the startups on their journey from Turkey to the world. They also work on the acceptance of Turkish startups to the global programs of Bayer. In the field of animal health and, more specifically, cattle health, registrations are open for Bayer's Care4Cattle program. You can find detailed information about the program, participation terms and link below.As agricultural needs differ in today's changing world, we believe in the importance of cooperation, commitment and support in improving the welfare of farm animals to meet these demands.

What is Care4Cattle?

Care4Cattle is a Bayer financial support program. Care4Cattle aims to produce and maintain innovative and practical solutions for the welfare of dairy and fattening cattle on farms.With the cooperation of the World Farmers Organization, we are looking for animal husbandry professionals all over the world that innovate in the welfare and fattening of cattle.Successful projects will be eligible for the following supports:

Total Financing: 30,000 €

Support will be given to projects selected by a panel of independent animal welfare experts, the World Farmers Organization (WFO) and Bayer representatives.In addition, selected projects will gain access to the information and links of the World Farmers Organization as well as expertise from the Animal Health department in Bayer.

Why is Animal Welfare Important?

At Bayer, we believe that taking care of animal welfare is the right approach and cannot be separated from the health of animals. Every day, we witness the remarkable commitment of animal husbandry professionals to ensure that animals are healthy and well cared for. But we can also see the difficulties they face. Therefore, we aim to actively contribute to the efforts to improve animal welfare and also to emphasize their invaluable contributions to society.In short, progress in animal welfare benefits both animals and the farm.

Who can Participate?

Applications that meet the specified conditions will be considered.

  • Farmers and livestock farmers,
  • Clinical veterinarians working closely with farmers to improve animal welfare,
  • Veterinarians working with farmers on the research of bovine welfare, veterinary faculty or agricultural engineering graduate students and researchers.

The startups must either continue at present or should start in 2018.Startups will be evaluated based on their innovative approach, their impact on bovine health and welfare, their applicability within the farm, their economic viability and their added value to farming operations.

How Can I Participate?

You can apply until June 25, 2018 via the Care4Cattle website.

To Apply, You Need:

  • A completed application form
  • A project proposal
  • A letter of motivation

For more information, visit'i or contact your Bayer representative.

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