Climate Action Meetup Sustainable Growth Program 2021

January 20, 2021

In the framework of Sustainable Growth Program's first online Climate Action Meetup due on 19 January 2021 was aiming to underline the importance of climate change and raise awareness in order to ensure a smooth transition process for businesses and communities to net-zero emission goals.

Climate change has become an undeniable problem for our planet. Though scientists and activists started to bring future climate crises forward, the threat is still being ignored by most businesses, governments and individuals. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Channel, our planet has experienced its warmest 30-year period between 1983 and 2012.

The United Nations has adopted Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call for preservation of the planet, aiming to ensure peace and prosperity by 2030. With the agenda of climate action, Goal #13 strives for eradicating greenhouse gas emissions in the long run, re-ensuring the sustainability and the stability of climatic conditions of our planet. Climate action aims to reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, accumulate $26 trillion in economic benefits and create more or less 18 million job opportunities directly related to sustainable energy by 2030.

Following introduction of the Sustainable Growth Program 2021 by Kaan Akin, Hackquarters CEO and Founder; Selim Kervancı, HSBC Turkey General Manager mentioned work and cooperation with startups that pursue sustainable economic growth.

“We are running this program in order to leave the next generations a better and more sustainable planet to live on. Our goal is to continue the work with startups adapted to a sustainable ecosystem. We are aiming to ensure all our clients to have net-zero carbon footprints besides preserving our strength and development in the business.” Kervancı said.

Aslı Pasinli, WWF Turkey CEO underlined the importance of vision for climate action and solutions that base natural methods.

"For the last 50 years the number of living creatures decreased by 68% with the average temperature raised 1.2 degrees. Though we are in an unsuccessful challenge with the climate crises, there is still hope, and the most important component of this hope is entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives.”

Following WWF,  Güven İslamoğlu, a prominent CNN Türk Journalist and environmental activist shared certain solution frameworks for reshaping and reorganizing steps to be taken in the future.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be speaking too much about hope because there is a cloud of dust coming and it doesn’t seem to stop in the short run. Humanity can continue existing in a plastic world but can not survive without water. The cycle is simple but as humanity, we are destroying nature with every single step we take. Our planet has experienced mass extinction five times and we are headed towards to the sixth.

Lastly, the Biopipe Co-founder Enes Kutluca shared BioPipe’s success story.

“ At Biopipe we take waste water and decontaminate with the pipe mechanism inspired by nature. Biopipe also consumes very little electricity and does not bring out mud, as an advantage. The result is we generate clean water that can even be used for organic agricultural watering. And now Biopipe is actively operating in dozens of countries all around the world.”

Sustainable Growth Program is a 6-month startup acceleration program for social entrepreneurs focusing on increasing Climate Action impact in partnership with HSBC and WWF; designed and implemented by Hackquarters
If you are a startup passionate about making a change in Climate Action and prevention of climate change apply until 8 February 2021.

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