Cough It Up! We Need Your Help to Get More Science Kits to Rural Areas

August 3, 2018

If you are following Hackquarters on social media, probably you are already familiar with the events we organize with help of Redbull and Amaphiko. We had meet-ups with university students all around Turkey (such as this one in Konya). We also participated in RedBull Amaphiko Connect event in December 2017. There was a great guest at the event:Bathabile Mpofu.Bathabile helps young people become scientists by making science tools accessible for practical learning. They manufacture a mini science kit called ChemStart for use by high schoolers at home or school. It provides a chance for hands-on interaction with science for everyone. ChemStart unleashes a scientist in every learner using it. Manufacturing locally and in bulk makes the kit affordable for anyone. You can find more info about Chemstart here.

Now Bathabile needs your help to get science kits to rural schools in Hlabisa area.. She is using a crowdfunding service for that. You can click here (and please do) to help Bathabile and her cause.

Here is some more info about Bathabile's call for your support:

My name is Bathabile Mpofu from Nkazimulo Applied Sciences where we help young people become scientists. When I was 16 years old I came to the knowledge my future as I imagined it, was never going to happen and it wasn't my fault. I was capable but dis-empowered. High school didn’t prepare me for university education. I only got to do science experiments for the first time when I got to university, and because of that, I lost my confidence and didn’t do well enough to get into medical school. Unfortunately, thousands of learners go through this experience every year and this is no right!

When life dishes you lemons, you make lemon juice, this eventuality defined my new purpose in life. I couldn’t become a doctor, but I now have an opportunity to prepare and help others become the scientists they aspire to be through ChemStart. ChemStart is a portable science kit that makes science fun and comes to life. It provides hands-on interaction with science concepts and their application in real life.


Tipping point: R17,000 will enable 200 learners from 10 schools to perform science experiments themselves!!

Dream Goal: R25,500 will enable 300 learners from 10 schools to perform science experiments themselves!!!


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