Creative Human Model with Purpose 7.0 - Part 3

November 8, 2021

Daniel Pink, made an interesting remark in his book A Whole New Mind, stating we would say goodbye to the Information Age.

In his chronological classification, he focuses extensively on four topics, the agricultural age (farmers), the industrial age (factory workers), the information age (knowledge workers), and the age of purpose (creators). 

According to Pink, computer programmers, people with MBAs or engineers, all of who are powerful actors of the information age, performed effectively with their 'left brain' skills. For that, we are grateful. These skills are still necessary today but are no longer sufficient on their own. Skills that were once despised or considered unimportant—the 'right-brain' qualities of creativity, empathy, joy, and meaning—will increasingly determine who will succeed and who will fall behind. Professional success and personal happiness require a whole new way of thinking for individuals, families, and organizations.

The agricultural age, the industrial age, the information age, and finally the age of purpose and the heroes of these ages: Farmers, factory workers, knowledge workers, and creative people. Purpose 7.0 symbolizes the emergence of the creative human model.

58 percent of Americans say they often think about the meaning and purpose of life. Significant percentages of German, British, and Japanese also express the same, although to a lesser extent. [1]
Rich Karlgaard, the veteran publisher of Forbes, says that the new revolution will be in the field of “spirituality”. First came the quality revolution of the 1990s. Then came what Karlgaard called “the cheap revolution,” which dramatically lowered the cost of products and allowed people all over the world to have internet access and mobile phones. "So what's next?" asks Karlgaard. “Meaning. Purpose. Deep life experience. Use whatever word or phrase you like, but know that consumer desire for these qualities is on the rise. Remember your Abraham Maslow and your Viktor Frankl. Bet your business on it”.

A brand new concept is needed in the world for the formation of industry, society and future models. Actually, this concept is not new, it lies in the existence of humanity. As the Renaissance intellectuals practiced, we need to move to the model of creative people with soft skills by feeding on tradition. Thus, the “creative human model” that will take the stage in Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, and Futurism 6.0 revolutions will make the world more livable.

The human being, who thinks and decides linearly, has to pass the tough test in the age of purpose. “Purpose 7.0” offers a philosophy of life that is empathetic, interested in branches of art, makes a difference with its perspective, creates life energy with its entrepreneurial aspect, and is knitted with a series of values. Meaning becomes a fundamental feature of our work and life. Pursuing meaning with passion is like going on a journey. The new places we see should lead us towards the capital of meaning.

[1] * Resource: In America, the Meaning of Life Is on Most People’s Minds ‘Spirituality & Health (March/April 2014)

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