Digital Health Map to Embrace Healthcare Innovators in Turkey

July 27, 2022

The broad definition of digital health encompasses wearable technology, telehealth and telemedicine, personalized medicine, and mobile health (mHealth).

Digitalization has been driving a revolution in healthcare, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to mobile medical apps and software that assist clinicians' daily clinical decisions. The use of digital health tools has the potential to significantly improve individual patient care by enhancing the accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease.

For healthcare and similar applications, digital health technologies use computing platforms, networking, software, and sensors. These technologies have a wide range of applications, including those for medical devices and applications for general wellbeing. They consist of innovations created to be used as medical products, in medical products, as auxiliary diagnostics, or as companions to other medical products (devices, drugs, and biologics). They could also be used to research or develop medical products.

At Hackquarters, we’ve been running Bayer G4A Program since 2018. Bayer’s G4A Turkey Program is supporting startups in the verticals of health and agriculture to grow and scale their businesses via training, mentoring support, and Bayer’s partnership network. Startups selected for the program also had a chance to pitch to investors and raise money. So far, 943 startups have applied, and 33 have been selected for the program. 

To visualize the increasing interest and scale for digital health entrepreneurship in Turkey, the Hackquarters team has compiled a Map of Digital Health Startups with companies categorized according to their contributing area. The categories include Wellness, Hospital & Pharmacy Solutions, Medical Hardware & Imaging, TeleHealth- Online Appointment, Easy Diagnosis- Early Recognition, BioTech- R&D, Virtual Education, Pediatrics, Mental Health, and Wearables. 

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