Fantastic Domain Names with Radix and Hackquarters are at Pioneers' Disposal!

May 11, 2018

As many of you know, domain extensions have diversified by getting out of the usual .com, .net and .org monopoly. Especially new projects that have emerged recently prefer the new generation extensions instead of the usual domain names. Radix is a company that is world-renowned for these new domain extensions and has impressive domain name extensions.Radix has very effective domain names. To count a few of them, there are domain names such as .TECH, which is especially preferred by enterprises. .EMAIL, which is cut out for e-mail services, and .SITE and .WEBSITE preferred for services are some of the other examples. These now are the choices of people who want to get domain names from the usual words. In short, Radix is the real owner of these domain names that you can find in places that offer services in our country or where you can buy domain extensions globally. What really draws our attention is the support Radix gives to enterprises.In the past few years, Radix started a program to support the enterprises called as Startup League. Along with Hackquarters, Radix hopes to reach the enterprise ecosystem in Turkey. Radix offers many advantages to startups accepted to the Startup League. These include advantages such as support for expenses in global organizations you can join, support on the marketing side and of course access to private domain names.

Radix Helps Hackquarters Pioneers

As part of our agreement with Radix, Hackquarters Pioneers team will be able to get one of the domain extensions that the company has for 1 year free of charge. To do this, you need to add the desired domain name to your cart by entering Afterwards, you will be able to receive it for free by entering the password we will give to Pioneers members (unfortunately we will only send this to the Pioneers team, privately) during the purchase. Just ask someone from the team to get your code.

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