Giving Start to HackZone Open Insurance Program

December 1, 2022

HackZone Open Insurance Program is a 1-month marathon for startups aiming to pilot new products with Allianz, but more in “hacking” and design thinking way. This year HackZone started on 24 November 2022 with an internal kickoff and Phase 1 focusing on customer development and idea validation. Following great success in 2020, this year HackZone Open Insurance Program will last until 10 January 2023. Startups selected for the program will pass through 3 major phases (Customer Development, Customer Test, and MVP & Prototyping) of the Co-Creation Process with the Allianz team, culminating with Proof of Concept. More than 30 Allianz team mentors are supporting entrepreneurs in different areas, including the API and IT.

During the application period, 169 startups were screened in 3 different categories:

  • Combating Climate Change
    - Prevention and measurement of climate change actions (physical, financial,   health, agriculture, etc.) 
    - Management of damages caused by climate change and reduction of its effects (physical, financial, health, material, agriculture, etc.)
  • New Business Opportunities and Digital Solutions in Financial Consultancy and Asset Management

  • On-Demand Insurance Solutions For Micro-Mobility & Car Sharing in The New Mobility Ecosystem
    The unique program allows startups in a short period to design and deliver innovative solutions with the Allianz Turkey team to explore and integrate existing

Allianz APIs, create innovative ideas focused on the insurance industry, discover innovative business models, and create new customer experiences. 

To develop Proof of Concept best 3 startups will be awarded with grants: first 100.000 TRY, second 75.000 TRY, third 50.000 TRY. These grants will be spent during intense co-creation and mentorship process. Access to Allianz APIs, introduction to Allianz Investment Network, and $300.000 tech perks are among other valuable benefits of the Program. 

Following 1 month Application and Selection process, HackZone Open Insurance Program started on 24 November 2022. Lead trainer of the Program is Ismail Sincik. Phase 1 included APIs Orientation by Allianz Team, training sessions ranging from Startup Problem Consolidation to Persona Canvas Workshop. Following Phase 1, startups are now in the process of Phase 2, focusing on Customer Test and interviews.

Here are 11 selected startups for the 2022 HackZone Open Insurance Program:

FINSO: Finso digitizes consumer loans and enables end users to complete shopping in physical stores and e-commerce. Severe weather alerts to save property and loved ones

Yancep: Yancep allows individuals to micro-invest in professionally managed portfolios designed according to their risk appetite and financial targets.

FINRIX: Artificial Intelligence Solutions on the Big Data for Capital Markets

Wyseye: Wyseye analyzes your damaged photos within seconds and concludes your claim process as soon as possible without human intervention.

LASKA: Laska is a high-tech company that upcycles end-of-life tires with innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production approaches. 

3pmetrics: 3pmetrics guides companies through their sustainability journey by developing software to quickly analyze their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and develop action plans.

Connected Insurance: Connected Insurance (CI) helps businesses embed insurance into their offerings to strengthen their value proposition, create new revenue sources and bring peace of mind to their customers. CI accelerates the creation of bespoke, data-driven insurance. 

Pincident: Pincident is a location-based smart incident management system.

Magnus: ML/AI-based portfolio optimization and investment management platform.

CarPal Enterprise
: CarPal makes drivers and cars connected to its marketplace to make product referrals by capturing and processing car and driver data with its AI technology.

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