Google Assistant Event in İzmir: Build Actions for Your Community

October 23, 2018

Recently, we were very happy to collaborate on Google for their "Build Actions for Your Community" events in Turkey, which currently focuses on Google Assistant. Representing Hackquarters, Esengül and Gökhan from our team joined the event in EBILTEM (Ege Üniverstesi Bilim Teknoloji Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi - Ege University Science, Technology and Research Center), İzmir. Along with our team, GDG İzmir team and our friends from Google and our friends (Berkay Yavuz, Aziz Akgül, Çağın Torkut, Muhammet Enginar and Engin Dogusoy) joined us as mentors in the event.Event started with a small presentation from Google Turkey team, explaining their expectations from developer community and what they offer. After that our beloved mentors took over the stage and told audience more about Google Assistant and its opportunities. Our expert developers also guided audience through step-by-step codelabs (first part that requires minimum level of coding and more advanced second part) that Google developers put together. Also they teached basics of how to build VUI (Voice User Interface) and its differences from GUI (Graphical User Interface).As our event was more like a workshop, rather than a routine presentation, attendees also presented their builds after initial presentations. There were 3 nice projects which was presented by relevant teams.We would like to thank all participants, Google team, GDG Izmir team and our mentors who honored us by traveling all the way from Istanbul to Izmir with us.[carousel][carousel-item active="true"]





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