H20 Capital Innovation, L.P Confidential Information 2020

August 31, 2020

About Us

H20 Capital Innovation, L.P (the “Fund” or “H20”) is a 2018 vintage cross border early-stage venture capital fund with operations in the USA and Latin America. We actively invest in entrepreneurs that are using technology to disrupt existing markets or create entirely new ones in the B2B Marketplace and B2B Enterprise IT sectors. The Fund is expected to generate positive risk-adjusted returns by investing in earlystage private technology companies in fast-growth sectors, targeting opportunities in The USA and LATAM.

Our Mission

We believe in the Smart Enterprise wave. This disruption in many sectors of the global economy will create value, improve productivity and non-linear decision-making processes. We believe in re-inventing old technology infrastructure and entrepreneur’s innovations that are disrupting existing markets or creating entirely new ones in the verticals of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Software (SaaS).

Investment Thesis

H20 is an early-stage venture capital Fund, targeting opportunities in The USA and LATAM. The Fund typically invests in the Seed to Series B financing rounds of private information technology companies in the vertical of B2B Marketplaces (E-commerce, E-Grocery, Logistics Tech, Marketplaces) and B2B Enterprise Software (SaaS) with a deep domain in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.The Fund makes no investments in pre-revenue opportunities or companies in stealth mode. The Fund looks to invest in companies that have gone to market, proven product/service-market fit, solid historical growth metrics, successful milestone completion, and winning management teams.H20 deploys tickets between ~ $250k USD to $1.5M USD per investment opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of 10-12 investments (Coinvestments with L.P’s enables us to deploy larger ticket sizes on a deal by deal basis). A ~ 30% re-investment cushion is expected to be held on reserve to back the winning portfolio companies in subsequent financing rounds.[/column][column md="6"]

WeKan Company (“WeKan”) Technical Due Diligence Alliance

WeKan Company: A leading product organization with the mission to support entrepreneurs and businesses that seek new ways to disrupt markets through technology. WeKan helps to drive efficiency, product/service market fit and growth.Fund Advisory Services: WeKan engages in the technical due diligence phase of the Fund’s investment selection process. The Fund has access to WeKan’s CTO and more than 60 developers with domain expertise in the IT verticals of focus. The alliance with WeKan also provides the Fund with a competitive edge to entice entrepreneurs to work with the Fund, through WeKan’s "entrepreneur in residence" program, access to IT talent, internationalization, and growth hacking strategies (mainly applicable for seed-stage opportunities).[/column][/row][row][column md="12"]

Global Access to Deal Flow

Portfolio Companies

Leading Management Team

The Founding team has multiple years of experience in the Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Technology industries, previously helping to launch a major Fortune 500 Company-driven Private Equity Fund focused on infrastructure technology. The Founding team has committed > 30% of the Fund’s capital, indicating a strong alignment of interests with our LP base.

Mauricio Porras, General Partner: General Partner at H20 Capital Innovation. He has over 10 years of experience in private equity and venture capital investments. Mauricio previously founded PGC Investments, a single-family office engaged in private equity, venture capital, and real estate investments. Mauricio is an Investment Committee Advisory Council Member at a Fortune 500 Company-driven private equity fund. Mauricio holds an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts

Daniel Lloreda, General Partner: Founder and General Partner at H20 Capital Innovation. Daniel previously worked directly with the General Partners of a Fortune 500 Companydriven private equity fund in the structuring, portfolio construction, and portfolio management. Daniel executed more than six global technology investments and reinvestments in excess of $100MM USD and helped to lead portfolio company management teams from inception to market launch and then to globalization. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Babson College (Magna Cum Laude) in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where he is a member of the Junior Global Advisory Board.

Alfredo Lopez, Managing Director: Previously worked at PwC as a consultant where he executed financial due diligence, valuation, and strategic M&A projects in various industries. Alfredo also worked with NextGen Consulting Corps in the execution of a strategic, high-impact, consulting project with a seed accelerator that launches Africanowned high-growth tech startups in the South African ICT sector.

Federico Porras, Investor Relations Director: Co-founded PGC Investments, a singlefamily office engaged in private equity, venture capital, and real estate investments. Federico is also a board member of The Water House which is the largest water point of sale company in Mexico with more than 1,500 locations. Federico’s main area of expertise are day-to-day operations as well as investor relations.

Felipe Vallejo, Venture Associate: Colombian entrepreneur with over two years of experience in venture capital who works directly with the General Partner in the due diligence, investment selection, execution, and portfolio management process. Felipe has evaluated more than +150 opportunities in the past two years. Also, he is a professional golf player with a zero handicap (Colombian National Champion during 2011 and 2012).

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