Hackquarters Pioneers Had a 5th Gathering on 14th April for # HackCon5!

April 24, 2019

We had spent more than 3 months after 4th HackCon with Hackquarters Pioneers. Last Sunday, on the 14th of April, we finally gathered with Pioneers for HackCon5. And for the first time, we were not alone. Red Bull Amaphiko was with us for a whole afternoon! Let’s look out the # HackCon5 details;

As we mentioned our quarterly plans before, we have passed on to the second quarter of the Pioneers program. There will be all about engaging now. We’ll be visiting companies, acceleration programs and having business cases while keeping on internships, meetups, and learning. Beta team and alpha team members will be volunteering for different issues like growth, content, social media, events and community.

Different from the previous HackCons and more sessions this time

We started with Hackquarters founder Kaan Akın and his session on Growth Hacking. It is one of the topics we care very much in our community. We’ve learned what is Growth Hacking, what are the tactics and effective ways to do it.

After Kaan’s session; Hilmi Öğütcü, Founder of egirişim was on the stage. He talked on “How to influence on LinkedIn?”. In his session, we had a chance to learn his past experiences, tips about making a good LinkedIn profile and content that we should be sharing to influence others.

It was my turn after Kaan and Hilmi. My presentation was about what is going to happen for Pioneers now and how we should be moving forward. I tried to clarify the golden circle (why, how, what) of Pioneers, since we still are shaping ourselves and the community. It was very interactive as we do it usually, and I could get some really precious feedbacks from Pioneers.

Red Bull Amaphiko gave its wings to Hackquarters Pioneers!

Yalçın Pembecioğlu

If you didn’t hear about Red Bull Amaphiko before, I would love to explain. It is a global program which aims to create a social impact and introduce social entrepreneurs to the whole world. Red Bull Amaphiko was with us to talk about storytelling and hacking human behavior. Yalçın Pembecioğlu (Founder of Bigumigu) talked on Storytelling and he also brought innovation to our perspectives. While learning how to be a good storyteller, we heard the innovative changes, news from the world.

Arkın Çelik

The unusual thing for us was Arkın Çelik’s session on Hack-in Human Behavior Through Code. It was a whole new perspective that I even will not be able to explain all the content to you. But we gained a different point of view.

Tolunay Tosun

I would like to thank Kaan and Hilmi for great sessions. And dear Tolunay Tosun, for his effort and making the whole connection between Pioneers and Red Bull Amaphiko!

It was the first time we’ve met with Yalçın Pembecioğlu and Arkın Çelik as a community but I would like to say that we're impressed very much! As Hackquarters Pioneers, we are so grateful to know you and happy for your contribution. Thanks a lot, Yalçın Pembecioğlu and Arkın Çelik.


Click here to see photos from HackCon5.

Hackquarters Team
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