Hackquarters X | Healthtech

June 24, 2021

The HealthTech edition of our Hackquarters X series was held on June 22nd with the contributions of Kaan Akın, Founder and CEO of Hackquarters; Christian Weiss, Managing Partner at Heal Capital; Bishal Dhakal, Founder and CEO of Health at Home, Berkin Gökbudak, Business Unit Head Women’s Health - Turkey & Iran at Bayer and Recai Serdar Gemici, Co-Founder and CEO at Albert Health. The webinar brought together leaders and innovators of the HealthTech ecosystem to raise awareness on how to do PoC’s right and discuss the future of digital healthcare.

The webinar started with the welcoming speech of Kaan Akın, where he introduced each guest speaker and mentioned, “As Hackquarters, we work with many companies with different agendas, from all over the world. For the past four years, we’ve been working with Bayer which we received roughly 800 startup applications. Twenty-six of them have graduated from the 100-day open innovation program. We also work with insurance companies like Allianz and NN who aim to empower innovation in healthcare.”

Dr. Christian Weiss took the stage by introducing Heal Capital and explaining how “technology and healthcare are converging to become the same.” He talked about how we are currently in the second wave of HealthTech, which he defined as the digitalization of the current healthcare system, and continued with the details surrounding the future of telemedicine and VIMPROs. 

The program went on with Dr. Bishal Dhakal’s presentation, where he expressed Nepal’s limited access to healthcare and how the geographical difficulties the country is faced with led him to found Health at Home. Dhakal touched upon how Covid-19 revolutionized its delivery model and adapted the Hybrid Healthcare Model, which leverages healthcare service gaps using technology.

The final session of the program was a fireside chat on “How to Do PoC’s right with HealthTech Startups?” between Berkin Gökbudak and Serdar Gemici, moderated by Kaan Akın. On what he would recommend to startups doing PoC’s, Serdar Gemici stated, “Sometimes, you may need to change some parts of your product or flow due to regulations or the internal processes of corporations. It’s important to be flexible and proactive. For all PoC’s, I recommend that startups understand the decision-making and purchasing processes of the corporation because it’s easy to get lost.” To answer what challenges Bayer faced when working with startups, Berkin Gökbudak added, “A lot of challenges. The timing was one of them due to Covid, but aligning your pace with a startup was challenging for big companies. There were, of course, environmental challenges because the telemedicine market in Turkey is not mature. However, Bayer is willing and open to external innovation, which makes us a good partner.”

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