Hackzone Demo Day: Reshaping Insurance Sector through Open Insurance

December 16, 2020

For Hackquarters, it was a super exciting experience launching the HackZone Open Insurance Program in partnership with Allianz Turkey. During a 1-month PoC focused program we have received 80 startups applications; with 21 startups in pipeline. 18 startups were accepted to the program where they had a chance to access Allianz APIs to work on new products with Allianz to create new customer experiences. 

100+ mentorship sessions and design thinking workshop module gave startups a significant opportunity to benefit from the experiences and know-how of Allianz professionals. Product deployment was tracking live via Allianz API and Developer Portal. And finally after 1 month of intense work it was a pleasure to host more than 190 participants at HackZone Demo Day event.

The Demo Day has started with welcoming speech of Hackquarters’ CEO and Founder Kaan Akın to share major milestones and deliverables of the program: “It was an apparent indicator of the value for startups to found partnerships with well established companies like Allianz so that startup ecosystem can extend its transforming impact on the world within the boosting role of companies. Besides, from the perspective of companies, working with startups makes their innovation eras gain new directions and dimensions.”

Following Kaan Akin’s presentation Tolga Gürkan, Allianz Turkey CEO,  highlighted the importance of startups in this extremely important period when insurance sector is transforming into open insurance. “The partnership within the ecosystem is inescapable when you try your innovation becoming more inclusive and engaging so that it can be the exemplary one in the sector according to him.”

Demo Day’s most mind blowing experience was keynote by Nazım Çetin,  Allianz X CEO. Nazım Çetin shared notes on Allianz X’s investment strategy and approach, creating value with efficient and impactful partnerships. Nazım Çetin briefed on Allianz X’s latest 25 most successful investments with 5 Unicorns and 2 IPOs in their portfolio. He emphasized that so far, Allianz has invested in late stage companies due to the investment perspectives of the boards of established corporations; though planning to test early stage investment in 2021. “The board wants to see the positive results of their investments as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to prove yourself which is much efficient with late stage investments, afterwards switching to earlier stages.” he said. Nazım Çetin also shared an advice for the early stage startups to care about monetization, as the world is transforming into the state where startups should decide what their revenue model is deeply. click here

So time for startup pitches. Here are 6 shortlisted startups pitched in during the Demo Day.

Albert Health: Albert is a voice based health assistant that helps patients to manage their medications and have virtual doctor visits. Unique competitive advantage is voice command. click here

Artge: ArtgeVision; is a technology company that develops new generation digital products with machine learning, deep learning (artificial intelligence) techniques in information technologies such as data analysis, advanced image processing, biometric recognition, identity verification. click here

B2Metric: B2Metric automate the risk management so you can focus on great modeling with 100% explainability. click here

BES Asistan: BES Asistan is a in-house platform of AkıllıBES where you can find personal smart investment advice for pension plans. click here

F-Ray: F Ray is developing ML-powered risk measurement products that are reliable, simple and efficient to minimize financial knowledge asymmetry. click here

Stox: Stox provides the tools you require to monitor your global stock portfolio, track your performance over time and stay up to date on your trade game with an easy-to-use, calming and responsive interface. click here

Winners of the program

3rd Prize 10.000 TL went to F-ray, Mehmet Eray in Fund Management Category as the most active startup during the program
2nd Prizes 25.000 TL went to Albert, Serdar Gemici in Open Insurance Category & B2metric, Murat Hacıoğlu in Vehicle Damage with AI Category
1st Prize 50.000 TL went to Bes Asistan, Onur Yurtsever  in Fund Management

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