Here are the Selected Startups for Visa Innovation Program

May 20, 2019

For the last few months, we were largely focused on our new accelerator with Visa, on fintech, called Visa Innovation Program. Details such as creating a new workspace and handling program flow is fun, but the best part is choosing startups among hundreds of applications.

Our program has begun with a kick-off event at Kolektif House Levent, on May 17th 2019. It was a busy, yet fun event for Hackquarters and Visa teams, as the interest in event was great with attendance from the press, fintech & finance professionals from various companies and startups.

Opening Remarks from Visa & Hackquarters

For the opening speech of Visa Innovation Program, Merve Tezel (General Manager, Turkey / Visa Europe) was on stage. Tezel said that their main objective with Visa Innovation Program is to create a bridge between the payment ecosystem and fintech startups. "We will help card payment market grow and help fintech startups grow with our network of more than 200 countries by guiding them on expanding their local solutions, globally. " said Merve Tezel.

Then Hackquarters founder & CEO, Kaan Akın, was on stage. Kaan Akın told the audience about Hackquarters, what we have accomplished over the years and more about our partnership with global companies, such as Visa. Akın said "Our selected startups will attend our tailormade courses on topics such as Lean Startup Human Centric Design, Data Security and Regulation. Our startups will get the chance to work in the same office with Hackquarters team and will get commercialization support, while regularly getting mentorship from our experts."

Visa Innovation Program kick-off event was great with attendance from the press, fintech & finance professionals from various companies and startups.

After opening speeches from Merve Tezel and Kaan Akın, our keynote speaker, Hristo Borisov (CEO / Payhawk), was on stage about his experience as a fintech startup, working with Visa. Then we had 2 great panels titled "Riding the Fintech Wave" and "Women in Fintech".

Selected startups for Visa Innovation Program

Masraff (Expense Management): Masraff is an AI-supported system which removes all the hassle from expense management. You just need to take a clear photo of the invoice and AI does its magic afterwards, so you can have more time for stuff that really matters.

Global Miles (Loyalty Program for Frequent Flyers): Global Miles is a Blockchain platform enabling the miles distributed across the world for frequent flyers and airlines which can be used and managed by a mobile application.

Glocalzone (Peer to Peer Delivery): Glocalzone is a peer to peer delivery platform that helps you reach any product from any place via travellers. You can search for travellers from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world and provide shipping via people, like you.

Kobaküs (Account Management API): Kobaküs provides an all-in-one API for different platforms. With Kobakus you can view, report and track all your bank accounts together, on one platform and at the same time.

Manim (Multibank Aggregation Platform): Manim lets you integrate your ERP systems with your banks securely. You can track your different products, financial actions and banks easily and manage them on a single platform.

Selected startups have presented their business to our audience.

You can get more information about Visa Innovation Program on our website ( and follow @hackquarters on social media.

You can watch our full event below.

About Visa Innovation Program

Visa Innovation Program is a 6 month accelerator program for Fintech startups in Turkey, powered by Hackquarters.

We are looking for gamechangers... New and creative ways to reshape the payment experience for anyone, anywhere.

Startups selected to the program will get access to benefits such as PoC / partnership opportunities with banks and other players via Visa network, Human Centered Design workshops and dedicated design sprints, Tailormade training curriculum, Mentorship, Commercialization support by Hackquarters and Kolektif House membership.

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