How Can Hackquarters Help a Pioneer?

June 19, 2018

Many people see entrepreneurship as a title, but I think entrepreneurship is essentially a personality trait. I think “being an entrepreneur” means understanding people's ever-changing needs, recognizing a problem and voluntarily committing to solve this problem or meet the need.I had heard a sentence such as "What you call the idea arises from communication and interaction." from Ömer Erkmen, from one of our prominent mentors. But I was aware that I could not fully grasp what this sentence meant. First of all, in order to be able to realize a problem or to produce alternative solutions to a problem you have noticed, your perspective needs to change quickly.Every day we spend time with the people in the same environment and continue to do the same things. In fact, we are not able to realize the tens or even thousands of problems, or ideas we encounter at moments. Because we see and experience the same things, we cannot have the perspective to recognize more or better.As your point of view develops, with your creative ideas you can discover the problems that many people do not even realize they have and need solutions for. Your creative ideas will help in creating solutions.

My Journey

My product development and marketing experience, which started with Stubridge, later continued as an university manager at Anlatsı In this way, I started to learn both digital and classical marketing.We were in the last days of our first startup when I met Hackquarters. With my team, we had learned all the things needed to realize our idea by talking to people for months and by trial and error. But of course failure was always after us.Then I had to gain more experience from someone who has experienced the product development and product marketing. Through Kaan Akın, I started developing myself in the field of digital marketing in Leafinbox.While working with Leafinbox, I had the opportunity to improve my skills in many areas from digital advertising to Youtube SEO.After my work at Leafinbox, which lasted until 1 month ago, I had the opportunity to write this article as someone who has started their own startup again.

Value of Hackquarters

The value Hackquarters provides with its activities and training helped me to improve my perspective. It made me witness what other people did and how they produced solutions for situations apart from what we see every day.Besides, it allowed me to enter the environment where I can interact with executed startups. In this way, Hackquarters also prepared an environment for us to benefit from the experiences of people who have experienced all the steps in the start of implementing an idea.So you can join Hackquarters, a nice way to gain experience, and start gaining experience.

Hakan Selim ÖztürkHackquarters Pioneers Alpha

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