How to Create a Fancy LinkedIn Profile?

February 19, 2019

Today’s business is all on platforms like LinkedIn,, indeed etc. We use LinkedIn for finding the dream job, keeping our network in touch and sometimes for reaching out the target audience. For those reasons, 590 million people use LinkedIn, 260 million users are monthly active and 41% of millionaires also use LinkedIn. 😯

It’s such a shame if you still don’t have a LinkedIn account and it’s also bad that if you have it already but with an empty page. Nothing to worry, because you still can open one or recover yours to create a fancy LinkedIn profile. So you can increase your chance to receive opportunities since all-star LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to receive them.

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Before we start with basics; the first thing to do is turning off “Sharing profile edits” from Settings&Privacy. Select Privacy and click “No” to sharing profile edits. You may not want to be seemed on others profile with every little changes you made.

1. You are not just all about from your school NAME 🙄

Your profile needs to be in order and well-explained TOTALLY. Did you write your educational background just with your school name? So what? What about your activities at school? Haven’t been even in a school club that worth to share? Or didn’t involved any projects at all? Find a story related your educational background to mention in just one or two sentences for making people know your school life better. Examples like I have a 100% scholarship,I am a member/executive/founding president at bla bla club or I am a project winner at logistics management class could be good to do that.

2. You don't live in the middle of nowhere, right? 🤔

We all would like to work in places close to our houses and all employers want to know where will you come from to work every day. According to LinkedIn statistics, location is one of the 5 priorities with name, headline, summary and experience. To be in job recruiters searchings, add location to your profile and this will affect your profile views.

3. Picture is your preview 🤩

Do you have a selfie on your profile? Or do not have any picture at all? Oh no. A fancy looking is not the essential in here, but a PROFFESIONAL picture is. Your picture and your title are your first impressions on your profile. If you want people take you serious, you should show it to them. I’m not saying upload a picture without smiling, cold and in a suit. With a kindly smile, good looking and with a white, non-distracting background picture is much more catchy. Believe me, it will work for having a good attention on especially people who don’t know you.

4. Wrap up yourself 🌯

Do not forget to add a short, well-explained summary on your profile. You gave your first impression with a good professional picture and got their attention. Your position is what they’re looking for and now they need to see a summary which will lead them to look at your profile. Choose simple, descriptive words. Tell them what job you’re currently doing, what you’ve done before. You can share your achievements and successes. Make it attractive as possible and add on your profile. Then hey, they are in!

5. Any work is worth to talk on and represents you 🤓

If you are a university or high school student reading this, you probably don’t have a job experience or you just were an intern for a couple of months in a company. If you don’t have any experience, focus on your educational background to look good. And if you have an experience you would like to share, write it down with a clear explanation. The works you’ve done, represent you. Instead of writing only a title and company, try to explain your job definition, what were your responsibilities in max 3-4 simple sentences. That will summarize your whole work and you will have chance to show people what you’re able to fit in.

6. “I think you’re cute and I want to know more about you.” 😏

Does it seem familiar to you? You saw a guy, liked him much. Spent 2 min to know him. Summary is good, background seems ok, now you have 5 more minutes to talk with him. What you would ask? You probably would like to know his hobbies, his personality and common friends. That is why; skills, volunteering experiences, languages you know and having at least 50+ connections are important for LinkedIn profiles. Add at least 5 or more skills and then make sure your business friends approved them. Write your past volunteering experiences. Add a second language if you know, and hurry up to add people to your connections.

7. Customized URL sprinkles into your magical profile ✨

Everything looks good now. Profile, summary, experiences, skills and everything. You have your own profile address called URL. You can make it seem uncomplicated and findable. Get customize it from right side of the page. Looking like; will be better. And if you would like to share your profile in your resume or in somewhere else, it will be a professional way to do it with customized URL.

8. Let recruiters know you're open, they will hunt you. 🐾

Go to your profile and click on to Career interest part. Update your status as “Currently seeking new opportunities” to make people know you’re actually looking for a job. If not you can choose other options as well. An updated status will help you to be shown in many searchings.

9. Sharing is caring or? 🌈

Sharing business news, opportunities for others or updates about yourself will be seen on others profile when your friends like it. Like your connections’ post if you’re interested and sometimes you just can like it to seem cared. Because the other day, one of those people probably will like your posts and it will increase your post views. You shouldn’t share things you usually post on Facebook. Keep it professional and try to find fruitful things that people will think it is worth to like/comment/share.

We know it may take some time. But believe us it will worth it when you see the results. Good luck!

Hackquarters Team
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