How to Write Great Blogs Part IV : Capture Attention & Importance of Research

April 6, 2018

Click here for third part of "How to Write Great Blogs": How to Choose the Right ImagesAfter you write your blog and get people to click your content with an interesting subject, great title and an amazing image, people still may tend to not read your content. OK, they have read your title and excerpt but the next step is to catch them in your first paragraph. SEOwise, one of the most important things about your content is the answer to those 2 questions: From which search did the visitor arrived on your page and how long did they stay on your page. There are also a few tricks here.

Your Personal Experiences Matter

If you are writing a blog, it is personal. If you are writing about something technical, it is still personal. If you are writing for a company, don't worry it is still personal. People click that link to get information, but also they click the link for you or your company. Give them what they want, or make them feel like they want what you wrote.For example, if you are writing about wearable technology, at the first paragraph tell people about an experience you had about that specific subject, or something related to that subject that you encountered. Bond with your visitors. Tell them about a mistake you did or tell them about your experience and why they need to continue reading because of your past experience. It is always easier to grab someone's attention if you are being modest and tell about your f*ck up about a subject.With your past experience or something personal that you will share with your visitors, tell them what you are writing about, plain and simple. Tell them after reading this article what they will gain. If they do not feel like getting any benefit from reading your content, they will probably close that tab and move back to what they are doing.Assuming that you chose the right subject, they are already interested in what you wrote. The only step left is to get their attention in the first paragraph.

Importance of Resarch and (Meaningful) Numbers

People love to learn new things (well, most people). I, for example, love watching documentaries. About history, about universe or the ones like "How it's made". I love learning some things that I have never heard before. In your content, if you give people information that they are interested, they will be leaving your page happy. And believe me, they will come back.You have Google, you have Wikipedia and all of earth's information is inside your monitor if you dare to search. If you are writing about wearable technology, give your readers some info about like: What does "wearable technology" mean? How did it start? What is the first prototype of that specific thing you are writing about? These are just examples, be creative and give people information that they probably did not hear before.As I said, for the title, numbers are attractive for people. Meaningful statistics are always something to remember after you read an article. Search for related research papers while writing your content. You might find very interesting stuff there. And you probably won't even need to do an extensive search: Wikipedia usually has great statistics.Make your content interesting for people who you already acquired with your perfect title. Add statistics, research and even some fun information.

How To Write Great Blogs

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