How to Write Great Blogs Part I: Choosing the Right Subject

February 14, 2018

Traditional content marketing and SEO approaches are nearly dead. Reaching out to your customers or your viewers is getting harder everyday, if you still obey the old rules of content marketing. Because of this, as most of you may know, explaining who you are without being boring is essential. What I mean by boring is being like everyone.People are getting bombarded with tons of marketing messages. At the end of the day, they only remember the ones that somehow leave an impact on them. Poking people with useless content is easy when you have the budget. However, when you want to create bonds with your audience or write a timeless article, you need to be creative in your own way.Creating engaging, readable, enjoyable content is crucial for everyone and every brand. Not just for companies, for you as well: Even if you are a blogger or working in communications or marketing departments and even for your social media accounts. I created content for various different media including national magazines, newspapers and corporate companies. With these series of articles, I will try to share some simple tricks that you can apply to your own content. I will show you key points for creating great content, including but not limited to writing great titles, subtitles, choosing the right images, where to call for action and how to be different from the pack.You will learn how to write great content; it is not rocket science.

How to Choose the Subject for Your Blog

There is an old saying: "Well begun is half done". I really believe in that for writing content. Choosing the subject for your blog and writing a title is half of the work for successful content. But choosing the right subject for your blog is the most important part here.You may be interested in writing a content for agriculture for example, but if your audience is not, there is no value that you can provide them by writing about agriculture. You need to give your audience what they want. Even if you plan to write on a different subject, connect that topic to the one they are interested. If you have a tech savvy commmunity and want to write about agriculture, write about agriculture technologies for example. Connect the topics, catch their attention, then write whatever you want.This formula however, does not always work. For example, if you are running a blog about food, there is no logical way to include content about gaming monitors. So, pick your topic wisely. There are various ways to do that if you are unsure about what you will write.You can use services like about popular, trending topics about your subject. You can see what people are sharing on social media and what does influencers write about your subject. For more specific content selection and info about what people search on Google, you can use Google Trends, too.I usually write about technology for various magazines and websites and if Google Trends tell me that interest in wearable technology increased 200% recently, i should write about this topic. If i don't have any specifics in mind, I can make a search on services such as buzzsumo to get ideas.Choose your subject wisely and don't lose your focus on a few chosen topics. If you write consistently on a single topic that you like writing and also your audience like, it will be easy to get results according to your objectives.Click here for the second part of "How to write great blogs": Choosing the right title

How To Write Great Blogs

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