Insurance Technology Initiatives Competed in Aksigorta Startup Challenge

January 31, 2018

Aksigorta Startup Challenge was organized by Aksigorta with the support of Hackquarters. At this challenge, 10 initiatives in the field of insurtech, digital health and technology were presented to the appreciation of Aksigorta's top executives and jury members.Kaan Akın, the founder of Hackquarters, moderated the Aksigorta Startup Challenge. The event started with the speech of Metin Demirel, the CIO of Aksigorta. Each initiative had 5 minutes to express themselves. The initiatives that attracted the attention of the participants answered the questions of the experts after finishing their presentations.

Aksigorta may be discussing which side's insurance will cover the damage in the collision of unmanned, autonomous vehicles, perhaps 10 years from now. — Kaan Akın, Founder of Hackquarters

Your Health is Under Control: Vivoo

The presentation session started with Bi'Sigortacı. Bi'Sigortacı brings together the people looking for insurance with the experts who offer the most suitable insurance offer, for free. Uplifters, a platform which aims to make the healthy and quality life in Turkey fun, took the stage second. After Uplifers, Vivoo application was on stage. Vivoo has managed to impress the audience with its system which reads the health data from a urine sample and assists for a healthy life.

Accident Risk Analysis with a Smartphone: Drivebuddy

After sales and personal health issues, the scene came to the Drivebuddy application. Drivebuddy informs the relevant institutions about the emergency at the time of the accident, analyze the users' driving habits and conduct risk analysis at the same time. After Drivebuddy's successful presentation, it was the turn for Diyetkolik. This application examines the nutritional habits of its users. It also motivates the users and promises a healthy life. Right after Diyetkolik, there was Stroma's presentation. Stroma can measure the attention status of the drivers from their facial features at the time of driving with its self-produced equipment.

Online Communication Platform:

After Stroma, Habit took the stage. Habit team explained that many diseases that require regular medication can regress or even stop with personal nutrition routines.Applications on health practices then continued with Spirohome, an initiative especially for people who have problems with their lungs. Spirohome was presented with a spirometer and a supportive application. With this initiative, asthma and COPD patients or others who have lung problems can control and monitor their own health status.Later on,, an online communication platform, colored the stage with its presentation. The closure happened with the presentation of Vexrob, where physiotherapists could digitally create and track programs for patients.

The presentations ended with the count of the votes of both the audience and the jury. Afterwards, Uğur Gülen, the General Manager of Aksigorta announced the first 3 initiatives with the highest number of votes with an entertaining speech. Gülen then presented the gifts for the initiatives as well.With the highest number of votes, the most appreciated initiative was Vivoo. As mentioned before, this application can extract many data about the health of the person from the urine sample with its special equipment and visual identification systems.

The Heart of Corporate Innovation

Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet with senior Aksigorta executives for common business ideas directly after the distribution of the awards. With this way, they seized the opportunity offered by Hackquarters for them and took the first steps. Aksigorta team took a corporate innovation step towards rediscovering their markets as well. With this challenge, they experienced different perspectives of entrepreneurs who will shape the future of the market.

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