Last Call for Gamification from Turkish Airlines

January 31, 2018

Turkish Airlines is opening its doors to future solutions from the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. Turkish Airlines recently organized the Travel Hackathon as a first in Turkey. Now with the Last Call for Gamification contest, Turkish Airlines allows enterprises to collaborate at their work. The application deadline for this new campaign is February 5 at 16:00. Final presentations will take place on February 9th after the selection.

Here are the details:

Call 1: Gamification Need for Lounge Survey Process

We need gamification that we can apply in the survey processes. We would like to make the questionnaires more fun in order to collect more data. Also, if there is any negative experience our passengers have, we would like to turn them into positive and beautiful experiences.While our passengers benefit from our Lounge service at the airport, they sometimes encounter some problems. Sometimes they do not prefer the service because of their lack of time, the difficulty of the feedback processes, or they think completing the questionnaire is boring.We want to design new gamification setups to position in the Atatürk Airport Lounge. We want for our passengers to both have fun and give feedback. In this way, our passengers can actually have fun while giving feedback, and if there are negative experiences, these experiences can turn into positive.We plan to evaluate different solutions for this setup, which we started with the Lounge, and to position it in many other areas such as check-in counters and sales offices.Our criteria here are that these are short, easy-to-use constructions that will also not be affected by noise. We do not prefer inconvenient solutions such as making the passengers download new applications.

Call 2: The Need for Gamification for Flight Training Processes

We need gamification setups in our training modules to make our cabin trainings more fun and efficient, and to facilitate their follow-up. With these setups, we aim our trainers to fully participate in the lessons and reinforce their knowledge.

What Kind of Trainings?

In our cabin trainings, instructions are provided within the framework of Basic Training, Recurrent, Refresher, Requalification, and Aircraft Type Training Programs to train pilots and cabin crew.These trainings are designed as e-learning, training in classrooms (theoretical training) and practical training.


Especially the training modules in our e-learning training are found long by the trainees. Consequently, some trainees can be bored during these trainings. We use presentations and videos in classroom trainings. During a 45-minute lesson, solutions will be beneficial for the trainees to participate more actively to the class. Also with these solutions, we aim the lessons would attract our trainees' attention more. We would like to evaluate gamification suggestions on any subject such as platform and content.

Some training topics to give you ideas:

Normal Safety Rules, Emergency Procedures, Aviation Safety Training, Hazardous Substance Training, Aircraft Type Training, Service Training, First Aid Training, Aviation Terminology courses are some examples.To meet the needs of Turkish Airlines in the two areas described above, you can send your product suggestions to Turkish Airlines by filling out the form in this link.

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