LegalTech Startup Challenge is Kicking Off!

October 8, 2019

Law is a system that maintains and regulates order in society. Although these procedures are quite annoying for some people, it is a very important concept for individuals to continue their lives harmoniously and smoothly in society. The law indicates how people in society should behave, not how they really behave. The system that affects the structure and functioning of the society so much has, of course, got its share from technology over time. Nowadays, with the rapid advance of technology, artificial intelligence applications appear more frequently in legal processes. So much, so that many startups today provide solutions to problems in legal processes.In addition to all these, many legal consulting companies continue their efforts to reach LegalTech startups. As Hackquarters, we support LegalTech startups via Legaltech Startup Challenge in collaboration with Esin Attorney and Baker McKenzie. Within the scope of the program, the subject of legal technology and disruption of the legal sector, in general, will be discussed intensively.10 startups selected out of 90+ applications will be pitching their solutions during the pitching session. In addition to LegalTech the program will cover the startups in fintech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, consulting technology, and cross-border.

The selected startups are:


ADIL is an AI-driven assistant for lawyers and an automation tool for law firms/legal departments in Turkey. It is based on state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing approaches.

2. Avukatbulut

Avukatbulut is a platform where law offices can manage their legal and office processes through the cloud.

3. Chainbunker

Chainbunker is a blockchain-based data backup that uses highly secure military-grade encryption and distributed blockchain technologies with our patent-pending technologies, hence, data is always accessible even if the entire internet crashes.

4. eMahkeme

eMahkeme is a web Service which unites two parties who are in dispute, along with a mediator tasked to resolve the issue at hand. The platform provides a secure and reliable environment for online dispute resolutions.

5. Fanaliz

Fanaliz helps companies measure credit risk in an easy, flexible and affordable way by applying algorithms based on data analytics.

6. PDAccess

PDAccess helps companies manage their clouds secure agile and compliant way.

7. Sanction Trace

Sanction Trace provides enhanced sanction screening services. Its SaaS-based solution assists its clients to mitigate and manage their sanctions-related compliance risks through its sophisticated search and monitoring algorithm and advance data analytics tools.

8. Secpoint

Secpoint is a solution for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence. This Product is for organizations and companies better understand where there are in Cyber Space and what are the actual threats for them.

9. Techsign

Techsign provides a digital contract management platform for businesses to create, share, audit, sign and amend their contracts, follow their document workflows and provide an excellent experience to their customers.

10. Verilogy

Verilogy helps privacy teams overcome the operational challenges they face by providing them with the necessary tools to go beyond unstructured compliance projects and empower them with privacy tech - from start to finish.

Hackquarters Team
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