London Will Have Their Own SHERPA for UI/UX Mountains

August 9, 2018

If you are somehow interested in mountaineering or watched a few documentaries about Mount Everest, you have probably heard of Sherpa people of Nepal. I'm not trying to discredit great climbers of world's highest peak, but the thing is when I found out that Sherpa people do the most of the work while climbing, my thoughts about climbing Everest has never been the same. While climbers fight with altitude sickness, low oxygen, and many other environmental hardness, Sherpa people are the ones who lay the guiding ropes to the summit to guide climbers to the peak. They know the best routes to the peak and they choose the best way according to current situations. But we won't be talking about "those" Sherpa.

SHERPA finds the best route for your own summit

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Even the best climbers need Sherpa people.[/caption]SHERPA is a digital design studio focusing on user experience, as they define themselves. What they do is basically the same as Sherpa people in Nepal. They help the ones who try to reach the summit of their area. Also, one of our mentors and SHERPA founder Yakup Bayrak gladly helps startups with their UX/UI problems.Are you having a hard time to get leads from your website? Let SHERPA find the best route for your potential customers. Are you producing Smart TVs, but your customers don't even use your best features? SHERPA will give your customers the best interface you can (probably beyond) imagine. Do you have a lot of various services spread among various landing pages, or different websites that even you can't follow? Don't worry, SHERPA will be there to help you make things easier for your customers.

SHERPA will find a solution for your design problems

Arguably, Turkey's best UX Analytics, Optimization and Betterment team in business will be in London between 13-17 August and they will be looking for new partners in London. While they are visiting London, we strongly suggest that you get a cup of (Turkish) coffee with them. You can contact them via their website.SHERPA has lots of great references from both Turkish and global companies, yet as Hackquarters we still believe that their best reference is their own website and blog. Even if we are aware that we are not there yet, while we design new pages for our website, we always look up to SHERPA. You can find their website here and their great blog (in Turkish) here. You can also find more info about SHERPA on Medium.

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