MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019: Here are the Selected Startups

June 21, 2019

We are very excited as the process for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019 is coming to a close. As our last step before the actual event, which will take place in Tekfen Tower, Levent, on 25th of June, we finally selected the startups to present their ideas to professionals from MediaMarkt, retailtech industry, investors and press.

So, here they are.

Selected Startups for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019

Bagaj is a locker service that can be used via a mobile phone app. You can use our lockers as luggage storage / left luggage service and leave your personal belongings to the lockers which are located in places such as city centers, venues, concert halls, and beaches.

Bentify is a social matching platform in which users can find other users to benefit most from campaigns and retentions by moving and buying together.

Gebit is technology that helps enterprises to communicate with customers 24/7 and provides customer-oriented analysis. is a platform that allows retailers to increase positive word of mouth and loyalty through marketing automation that is based on the experience each customer had when shopping, online or offline.

Gittick is a gamificated ''Challenge Application'' which user’s every photographed sharing will be rewarded according to certain criteria; also brands can control and even they can create sharing page that they want.

Leafinbox is a digital platform that can legally manage wet ink signature processes. Leafinbox using completely legal signature and include legal timestamp ın Turkey also you can sign document with your ID Card.

Ortus is a modular and Complete Communication Platform to create new channels for Customer Satisfaction and unify all channels for Operational Efficiency.

RoadCube is a loyalty marketplace where businesses can easily create simple or advanced loyalty schemes and users can easily follow them through 1 app.

Pegneon is a serious games company specialized in developing educational video games for employee training. Eugene: a series of educational mini-games for the training of customer service agents and the GDPR game.

Poltio helps brands access, engage with and learn from their users by the help of interactive content. Platform modules integrated with our analytics engine provide detailed, real-time insights about your audience.

RobAsist gets orders without call center or human from any communication lines with AI. Like from a kiosk, phone line, website, smart apps and so on. Also, business owner or personnel will be organized with the backing of ERP.

Event Program for MMSC

About MediaMarkt Startup Challenge

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge provides countless opportunities to retailtech startups, in various verticals. Same as last year, this year MediaMarkt and associates are looking for retailtech startups specializing in 3 categories: Retail Sales Technologies, Post-Sales Technologies, and Digital Transformation Process.

In general, MediaMarkt and our guests will be looking for great startups to enhance their current processes, with the use of technology. Among our applicants, best startups will be shortlisted to present in front of this year’s jury. Winners of MediaMarkt Startup Challenge will be rewarded again with great benefits such as PoC chance with retails, chance to attend global retailtech events, chance to join global accelerator programs and more.

You can get more detailed information about the program from!

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