Meet the Rising Stars: Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition's Selected Fintechs 2023

June 7, 2023

The Visa Innovation Program Europe is a partnership platform for fintech companies and Visa clients spanning across Southern Europe. The Program enables fintech companies to solve the payment and commerce challenges of tomorrow, further enhance their own product propositions and provide visionary solutions for Visa’s vast network of partners.

Selected fintech companies in the Visa Innovation Program Europe can look forward to scaling opportunities and partnerships with Visa and Visa’s network, customized mentoring, perks worth more than $300,000, and opportunities to expand their businesses worldwide.

The Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition meetup was held in Istanbul on 21 March 2023. The event focused on enhancing the fintech ecosystem for the future of payment and provided insights into the Visa Innovation Program Europe. Participants had the opportunity to listen to alumni fintechs and program partners, who shared their experiences in addressing payment and e-commerce challenges.

The meetup featured two-panel discussions that provided valuable insights into collaboration, partnership, and growth in the fintech landscape. These discussions emphasized the potential for successful cooperation, new industry-specific commercial opportunities, and the importance of strong partnerships in driving innovation and overcoming obstacles in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition has significantly impacted the fintech ecosystem, with over 680 applications from 36 countries,  55 applications received from Turkey, 10 of them shortlisted, and 5 selected for the program. 

Over the past five years, the program has received 458 applications from Turkey and facilitated 36 total POCs (Proof of Concepts). Participating fintechs raised over €22.3 million in total investment, benefitting from more than 200 hours of mentorship and participating in over 290 trainings and workshops. This impressive track record highlights the program's commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the fintech sector.

We kicked off The Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition with a gorgeous event on 6 June 2023. The event began with a warm welcome from Onur Devran Çakır of Visa, followed by an engaging presentation on program outcomes from 2019 to 2023 by Sabina Babayeva of Hackquarters. Then our rising stars, selected fintechs, showcased their innovative solutions and potential to revolutionize the fintech landscape. A Q&A session followed, where attendees interacted with the presenters, asking insightful questions and sharing intriguing observations. The event wrapped up with a networking session, a crucial part that allowed participants to foster potential collaborations and explore further opportunities. As evidenced by this kick-off event, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition promises to bring novel perspectives and robust growth to the European fintech sector.

Meet the fintechs selected for  Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition:

Abonesepeti: Abonesepeti is a subscription management platform that helps you subscribe, manage and unsubscribe your subscriptions in one app. Members can manage subscriptions, lower their bills, build budgets and automatically set aside money to reach their savings goals.

Agrio Finans: Agrio is an impact-oriented financial technology solution that prepares the Agriculture and Food economy for Greendeal. The solution enables the issuance of green deal-compliant digital assets for the agriculture and food supply chain with a usage of governed financial authorization.

Craftgate: “One-Stop” Shop Payment Orchestration: Craftgate Craftgate is a comprehensive payment orchestration solution that empowers you to seamlessly integrate and manage multiple virtual POSs, payment service providers, and alternative payment methods through a unified dashboard.

Enqura: EnQualify : Next Generation ID Verification powered by AI on Mobile! EnQualify is a Gold Stevie Award 2023 winner, super fast ID Verification platform including Identity card, face verification and multi factor customer authentication, based on Enqura’s state of the art “AI on Mobile Edge” technology. Digitally onboard your customers in less than 1 minute!

Recepta: Recepta is a platform that helps businesses to offer customized paper and digital receipts to their customers, without requiring any personal information like email or phone number at checkout. Recepta uses the payment card number to identify the customer, ensuring that customers are protected from spam emails, calls, and marketing messages.

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