More than 40 Great Startups from T3 Entrepreneurship Center

February 14, 2019

On February 2nd, we were at T3 Entrepreneurship Center pitch day, which was held in Zemin İstanbul. They organized a great pitch day for bright entrepreneurs in various verticals.

There were more than 40 startups, who passed the screening among hundreds of startups, attended the event for their 5 min pitches and 5 min Q&A, each. Selected startups will be supported by T3 in 2019, with benefits such as 100.000 TL investment, office space, mentorship and more.

Here are those great startups who attended T3 Entrepreneurship Center pitch day;

Enlil: They produce vertical-axis wind turbines for city usage and provide advertising opportunities.

Enwair Battery: With their high-tech silicium anode and Li-rich cathode batteries, they provide 20% more capacity than traditional batteries.

Bren: Produces energy from waste heat and vibration for IoT devices and wireless sensors. Theoretically provides life-long energy for devices and needs no replacement and maintanence costs.

Niceveri: Monitoring and reporting system for forklift fleets in warehouses and factories.

Parxlab: Parking spot management and navigation system for smart cities.

inMapper: Interactive navigation systems for indoor spaces, which can integrate into existing kiosk or apps.

Mobiki: Visitor tracing system for indoors.

Intelligent Things: IoT reporting system for measuring metal fatigue on buildings.

Bagaj is a versatile solution for travellers.

Bagaj: Smart lockboxes for travellers and many various things.

Medron: IoT system for monitoring workplace security, health and productivity.

ForFarming: IoT based agro-tech solution for indoors such as offices or homes.

Hubbox: Solution for machinery producers to control their devices remotely.

Smart Helmet: Improved work health and security solution for construction companies via smart, remote monitored helmets.

HTG: Smart agriculture solution self-sustaining farms.

Narval: Smart, autonomous submarine for data gathering.

Progin: Smart, autonomous drive systems that even work on harshest conditions.

Up Robotik: Quiet and secure micro-drones that fly by flapping its wings.

Barbaros: Air-drone supported marine drone that is used for counter-terrorism.

Dronom: Autonomous integration, ground-locking and sensitive landing systems for air and land drones.

iwrobots: Robots for preventing sea pollution and measuring solid and liquid waste on surface.

Leo Engineering: Developing software, hardware and algorithms for autonomous driving systems and advanced driving support.

Trexo Innovation: 3 axis visual stabilization systems.

Wollox: Turns standart screens and projectors into interactive screens.

VSyringe: Virtual reality injection training application and hardware.

Okul101: White-label social platform solution for schools, parents and students.

ESPCopter: Internet-connected, small and multiplatform drone development kits.

Filamex: Recycled filament production machine focusing on using filament waste of 3D printers.

Otokton: DIY 3D printer kit and online platform for students and hobbyists.

Isn't it best to start teaching coding early with Robibot?

Robibot: Programming teaching robot for 3-7 year old kids, without the need of a PC or smartphone.

Micro-S Biotech: Solution to prevent bee deaths by using probiotics extrached from honey bees.

Neurobil: Solution for analyzing and reporting data captured directly from brain by using EEG devices.

ELAA Technology: 3D lung navigation system.

XR.AI: AI based diagnostic support system for radiologists.

Nabutech: IoT baset smart patient bed system.

ImageRAD: Cloud based, AI supported medical image sharing and archiving systems.

ISINA: Digital EKG with AI support.

BraceHealth: Wearable device and smartphone app for Parkinson disease treatment process.

Uniqool: 3D scanning and printing device for personalized eyewear.

Visiosoft: Precise location generationg application with AI and image processing technology.

ForceCR: Multispectral traffic camera for autonomous violation detection.

T-Quad: AI platform to improve digital, natural Turkish language recognition.

Pointr is an award winning solution for indoor navigation.

Pointr: Navigation, positioning and analyzing tool for indoors.

Stroma: Algorithms to prevent human error in traffic accidents.

Hackquarters Team
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