Most Important Lifestyle Habits Of Successful Founders - Part I

December 30, 2022

When running their startups, founders may need help with setbacks that make them feel terrible. As a result, they should know how to avoid these punches to the face and how to take a punch and recover if necessary. There is preventative health care and treatment, so let's start with the former and lay the foundation. Founders are frequently punched in the face as a result of unforced errors. It's as if it's a result of magical thinking or other aspects of their lives not being set up, and so here are some things you can do to reduce the number of punches that come or, at the very least, reduce their intensity because you have your other locked up, does that make sense? Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel discuss the best approaches to developing a healthy lifestyle that ultimately helps you run and grow a successful startup in the Y Combinator Youtube Channel video The Most Important Lifestyle Habits Of Successful Founders. Take great care of yourself out there. Here are some insights from the video. 

Audit How You Live

Examine your lifestyle to consider where you wake up in the morning. Have you succeeded in getting enough sleep? Are you in a familiar environment? Are you living in an area that makes you more or less powerful? Are you making sacrifices, such as losing hit points at home? If that's the case, it's an unforced error, like whom you're living with and what you're eating. Do you have easy access to a gym? Are you surrounded by alcohol and drugs, which you know aren't good for you? At the very least, your home should be neutral, but for the most successful people, the house is a plus; it is where they make points and win issues.

Good and Bad Habits

When someone has problems, you first look at sleep disruption, diet, and exercise. Even if you do not currently have depression, you are not prepared to deal with difficult situations that may arise. Some people sacrifice themselves as they go through debt, such as personal health debt. You can get far today and still be in debt after five years. You can be in debt for ten years, but eventually, the debt will catch up with you, and you won't be able to carry the entire world on your shoulders. If you establish good habits early on, you will avoid incurring massive debt that will cause a breakdown or meltdown one day.

Information Diet

Successful people with good habits can even lose them and then wonder why they can't succeed again. Even having these habits does not guarantee that you will maintain them. That is the physical lifestyle setup you want to discuss in this social media piece because many people are unaware of how toxic social media can be. It would help if you examined your information diet. The metaphor is similar to a food diet in that what we eat and drink affects our moods and feelings. The information we consume has an impact on us. If you think about it again, when a lot is happening in history, you'll be scrolling all the time, reading about pandemic news or war news. Your competitors are also on social media; seeing their accomplishments can make you feel irrationally destructive. In reality, you should not compare yourself to others. Because you're on your way, comparisons can become irrational. All the information chaos on social media and traditional media can easily harm your mind, disrupting your focus on your business.

Further insights will be covered in the Part II blog post.

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