Our Social Heroes Selected for the Sustainable Growth Program

January 16, 2020

Hackquarters is working closely with HSBC Turkey on Sustainable Growth Program, the social entrepreneurship accelerator. This program is established to contribute to the implementation of UNDP Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It aims to support social entrepreneurs aiming to solve one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. The program facilitates the creation of a strong mentor network and investor ecosystem, focusing on developing products to support SDGs while creating new business opportunities and replacing the market with innovative solutions.Last Friday, the grand jury selected 5 startups out of 130+ applications for the Program.

Selected Startups for the Sustainable Growth Program are:

Compose it

Description: It produced a machine that will take advantage of your food wastes and transform them into high efficient soil and creating a new hobbyWebsite:http://composeitas.weebly.comSupports Sustainable City and CommunitiesSocial Impact: Compose It team provides training and seminars on sustainable agriculture in composite soil production. A guidebook for deaf individuals was created for the first time in Turkey. Collaborative activities were carried out with the Çocuk Eğitim Derneği in these areas.


Description: It is a freedom for blind people in social life by making restaurants and restaurant menus accessible for them.Website:https://www.blindlook.comSupports: Reduced InequalitiesSocial Impact: BlindLook has made 38 places accessible. First meetup with 200+ blind people and meetups with 50+ blind people in BlindLook’s customer restaurants pilot areas have been made. Now, BlindLook has 1000+ users.


Description: It aims to raise environmental awareness in individuals and develops new technologies to achieve that goal. Using ecoDrone (unmanned aerial vehicles developed by ecording) that deliver airborne seed cannon shoots in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested.Website:https://www.ecording.org/Supports: Climate ActionsSocial Impact: Ecording has employed 14 women who have suffered from climate change so far. In addition, environmental awareness was created for 20,000 people. With ecoDrone, approximately 120 thousand seeds have been dropped.


Description: Mana, which means the superpower arose from its roots, designs and produces environment-friendly & slowly processed products for women and houses with the women of these lands.Website:https://thisismana.com/Supports: Responsible Consumption and Production. (SDG Logo)Social Impact: Mana is a team that started with 3 people and every one is based on volunteering. It also carries out projects with women's co-operatives in Anatolia.


Description: Mumo invites people to a sustainable life with natural and long-lasting alternatives to single-use products. We remind the importance of bonding through our products and aim to create a nature-friendly behavioral transformation.Website: https://www.mumowrap.com/Supports: Climate ActionsSocial Impact: Mumo has sold 6000 packs in 2019, which will remove 16000 packs of cling film from the landfills and according to the results of our May 2019 survey with around 400 respondents; more than 60% of Mumo users have stated their relationship with cling film and freezer bags have transformed and they are making more sustainable choices. 60% also responded that they are very happy with the product.

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