PartyMag, the Indispensable App of Nightlife, is in the App Store with Its Premium Service!

December 20, 2017

PartyMag which notifies its users of all the activities of the nightlife and offers easy booking and advantageous payment options, is now available in the App Store with its Premium package! The Premium package offers extra benefits and features to its users.Many people are not even aware of organizations such as hundreds of concerts, events or themed parties in Istanbul. There is now an application that will compensate for thousands of people who spend the day with questions such as "What should we do today?" while filling their night with their “usual” options. This application which fulfills the expectations of many looking for innovation is PartyMag.

Thanks to its smart algorithm, this application offers special events for your taste and allows you to book advantageously. With PartyMag, you can also schedule events with your friends. We believe people who love music and entertainment should always keep this application in a corner on their smart phones. Nowadays, they can find its Premium model in the App Store as well.Users can use this app free of charge by downloading it on their phones. They can also subscribe to the monthly version and get access to many capabilities of the application. Free subscription to many activities, catering at events or advantageous payment options are some examples of what this app can offer.PartyMag allows you to see the most suitable events for you. It sorts the activities in the city by music genre, interest or location. PartyMag currently works in Istanbul but will soon start serving in San Francisco and Budapest.

About PartyMag:

PartyMag brings dynamism to the entertainment and live music industry. This enables businesses and venues to attract more customers. PartyMag users have the opportunity to join parties suitable and close to their location at affordable prices. They give a more dynamic spirit to the sector by participating more in nightlife and organizations.PartyMag was selected as the initiative of the year with public vote amongst the İTÜ Çekirdek initiatives in 2015. Then, it became part of Hackquarters entrepreneurs in December 2016. PartyMag, which has opened to electronic markets with its beta version in early 2017, has reached more than 10,000 downloads, and 5,500 registered users in which 2,000 of them is active.PartyMag, which wants to open up to cities with high entertainment life like San Francisco and Budapest in 2018, has already started to show these cities' activities to its users.

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