Pioneers gathered once more for #HackCon3

July 26, 2018

Hackquarters Pioneers is an entrepreneurship community supporting high school and university students, who want to try themselves in teams of the next generation startups or found a startup of their own. With this purpose, Hackquarters organizes quarterly HackCon events. From the day the event series started to spread entrepreneurship all over our region, we organized 40+ meetups at 14 Universities reaching 2000+ students.Moving forward with social entrepreneurship events and Hacker meetups we are aiming to catch every potential young entrepreneur in order to turn their ideas into successful startups.[caption id="attachment_2332" align="alignright" width="300"]

Hackquarters Pioneers Applications are now OPEN! Click HERE to Apply!

Hackquarters Pioneers Applications are now OPEN! Click HERE to Apply![/caption]So, let’s talk about our community; Hackquarters Convention, shortly HackCon. Our 1st and 2nd HackCons gathered in Kolektif House, in October’17 and February’18. Last Saturday, on 21st of July, we get together for HackCon3 at Akmerkez, Istanbul.We had breakfast together and talked briefly about what we were doing from the beginning and what is next. During the gathering, we realized that our community has expanded more than we expected. We've organized really cool events, inspiring high school and university students since September 2017. While talking about it all, we saw the big picture; our potential. (I’ll also write about it in the next article.)Next, Namık Kural, one of the first angel investors in Turkey, took a stage. We discussed the way entrepreneurship ecosystem developed for the past years and how it progresses with advanced technology. Namık Kural has a lot of experience in his field and his speech helped us to see entrepreneurship from a different point of view. It was very educative.In Hackquarters Pioneers, we have different groups like Alpha, Beta and Omega. If you know about product’s creating circle, you may be heard these words before. Alpha members are fresh newbies, who are in the beginning of all process, and trying to gain more knowledge to become “beta”. Beta members are the ones who had internships in startups or volunteered in organizing our events, so they’ve gained experience. Omegas are the last ring of the chain, the ones finally turned an idea into a startup. They help Alphas and Betas to complete the same process successfully.[carousel][carousel-item active="true"]




[/carousel-item][/carousel]After Namık Kural’s speech, our Omegas took over the event. Ata Cengiz from Tarlamvar, Nilsu Sertatıl and Baran Öncel from Glamy, Gözde Büyükacaroğlu from Vivoo, Emir Emanetoğlu from Smopin, Serkan Bağçe from Startupmarket, Volkan Kırtok from Neytiv and Mert Kıray from Octovan were with us at HackCon 3. They shared their experience and explained how they passed the obstacles on their way to success in their startups. Our less experienced Pioneers were pretty active, asking a lot of questions to our Omegas.At the end of the event, we divided our attendees into 5 groups, mentored by the Omegas. We laid on the grass of terrace and worked on business canvas models for tech and innovation focused companies which enriched entrepreneurship ecosystem; as it is very important to apply theoretical knowledge into practical use. We’ll also integrate this kind of small workshops into our upcoming events.We were honored to be with people who really want to have an impact on the young generation and share knowledge like we do within Hackquarters Pioneers. Also, watching our Pioneers improve more and more every time we meet, makes us extremely happy.We are grateful to the people who help us to make HackCon3 even greater. Thank you, Namık Kural for being with us and sharing your experience.And thank you, Omegas for mentorship and support during HackCon3.Finally, many thanks to Akmerkez for support and venue sponsorship. We really enjoyed being at Akmerkez.Thanks!Esengül SağdınçHackquarters Community Manager

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