Red Bull Amaphiko and Hackquarters Pioneers in Konya!

May 8, 2018

As part of the events we organized with Red Bull Amaphiko, we were together with university students in Konya on May 4. Before we explain what we did at this 3-hour event, let's talk about Red Bull Amaphiko.Red Bull Amaphiko is a platform that gathers, supports and inspires social initiatives at various countries. Red Bull Amaphiko also creates a collaborative structure. It introduces social initiatives on its platform to each other, thereby further strengthening them at the end of the day. You can click here for details and application!

As Hackquarters Pioneers, we took our first step into the world of social entrepreneurship, full of goodness and hope, with the event we held in Konya in cooperation with Red Bull Amaphiko. We will carry out our next event at Düzce University on May 17 and continue to inspire young people who want to change the world. You can also register for our activity at Düzce University free of charge here.

What Did We Do at the Event?

18.00 – 18.45: Social Entrepreneurship by Kaan Akın18.45 – 20.00: Panel with Tarlamvar and Fazla Gıda20.00 – 21.00: Share your opinion & Pitching TimeFirst, Kaan Akın talked about both entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. He first pointed out the problems that need to be solved around the world with a mini fun quiz with Kahoot, and then talked about the importance and necessity of sustainable solutions to solve these problems.During the event, Sonat Kaymaz, the founding partner of Tarlamvar and Arda Eren, the founding partner of excess food were with us. With, a question-answer platform that you can use comfortably in conferences, we asked everything we wondered about to Sonat and Arda, and we got very good answers. We would like to thank them for their participation!

So, What Does Tarlamvar and Fazla Gıda Do?

Tarlamvar is a social enterprise that makes people a tree owner. At harvest time, it also brings together the certified healthy products of these owned trees and increases the income of the farmer while doing this. You can visit Tarlamvar from here.Fazla Gıda is a B2B technology platform that brings surplus products to the environment and society. Up to now, Fazla Gıda has met the food needs of 500,000 people. To get more information, Fazla Gıda website is here.In the last hour of the event, we listened and evaluated ideas on entrepreneurship from young people in Konya. Thank you very much to everyone who shared their ideas bravely and enthusiastically! We hope that every idea you have would turn into a beautiful and well-growing Start-up.

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