Redbull Amaphiko Connect: Social Entrepreneurs Met in Gobeklitepe

September 30, 2019

Redbull Amaphiko Connect, helping social entrepreneurs that aim to create a positive change, is started. Redbull Amaphiko is an educational event that provides practices and inspirations to social entrepreneurs. The event, aiming to change the world with its impact and gathering social entrepreneurs under its roof, is held this year at Gobeklitepe, Urfa which is the most significant archaeological discovery of the 21st century. The event, which lasted for two days, gave the participants a very special experience with the participation of key players in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The first day of the event with the meeting circle and speech about Strategic Leadership & Learning Design by Eren Öztürk. Then, a very successful social entrepreneur and academician Itır Erhart was on the stage. The speech focused on self-recognition. It was emphasized that social entrepreneurs should know themselves before they try to create a social impact by Itır Erhart.

In the afternoon, the event took place with visits to Urfa’s natural and historical beauties Gobeklitepe Archeology and Mosaic Museum, Gobeklitepe Excavation Area, Gobeklitepe Wish Tree. The participants were accompanied by special guests. Then, the first day of the event ended with Independent Women Panel. Turkish artist Kalben and co-founder of she said so Güneş Özgeç were on the stage with moderator Gülşah Görücü. The panel was about women in business.

On the second day of the event, very important topics for entrepreneurs are discussed. The first speaker on the second day was Hackquarters mentor and lecturer at Ozyegin University Meriç Bıçakçıoğlu. Session covered how we can see if a business model works or not. It was really educational sessions for participants.Then, the event went on with the panel Digitalization and Technology from Past to Present with participating of Can Birsay, Digital Media Senior Group Director of Doğuş Group, Levent Ertem, Digital Content Director of NTV, and Cihan Yılmaz, Redbull Media House. On the panel, the change of technology and the impacts of this change were discussed. The panel was very interactive with the questions of the participants. After the panel, social entrepreneurs were on the stage. Very precious experiences and inspirations were shared in this session.Redbull Amaphiko left behind with very special moments. It was a pleasure to experience such an event for Hackquarters Team. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event which gives a chance social entrepreneurs to share their dreams. Urfa, Gobeklitepe with its historical, spiritual and natural beauties was a great location for event. Also, we had a chance to eat so much Kebap. And, special thanks for Kebap :)

Hackquarters Team
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