RedBull Hosted Turkish Social Entrepreneurs for the Second Time with Amaphiko

December 26, 2017

Amaphiko, which means "wing" in Zulu, is based on the world-famous "Redbull gives you wings" slogan. Redbull's Amaphiko project supports social entrepreneurs and got together with Turkish entrepreneurs for the second time. RedBull Amaphiko Connect aims to make the world more livable. Projects increasing the living standards especially in less developed regions stand out in this event. RedBull Amaphiko Connect happened on 2–3 December 2017, at No 15 this year.In this event, 25 social enterprises selected among the applications attended. People who could inspire these entrepreneurs attended as well. At the same time, the names that can advise the entrepreneurs on this challenging path they shared their experiences on stage. Among them were Hackquarters founder Kaan Akın, strategic brand consultant Göksemin Gökalp Özdemir, journalist Serdar Kuzuloğlu, and Galata Business Angel (GBA) founder Ata Uzunhasan.

The brand of storytelling: RedBull

Everyone knows Redbull's expertise in storytelling. Especially in the Amaphiko project, Redbull is particularly interested in the initiatives it "takes under its wing". Redbull also makes a story out of the problems that these enterprises solve. Chemstart was one of these narrated projects. Bathabile Mpofu, founder of Chemstart, met with Turkish social entrepreneurs at RedBull Amaphiko Connect. Mpofu, a graduate of the RedBull Amaphiko Academy in South Africa, explained how the students in her country do not have enough laboratory access. Mpofu believed that lack of access to laboratories created inefficient science classes in her country as well. Then she told how she had founded ChemStart, which solved these problems all at once.

Bathabile Mpofu, founder of Chemstart, met with Turkish social entrepreneurs in this event.Closing event was held with the presentation of Esra Arslan and Yağmur Taşdemir from the İhtiyaç Haritası (Needs Map) team. İhtiyaç Haritası, founded by famous Turkish actor Mert Fırat, connects helpful volunteers with those in need around Turkey.RedBull Amaphiko said goodbye to social entrepreneurs until the next meeting, giving two days full of information and fun.

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