South Summit 2021 Startup Competition

February 3, 2021

South Summit is “an Innovation Platform focused on business opportunities and disruptive trends in the entrepreneurial ecosystem”. Their role in the startups community is invaluable. Every year, South Summit brings a lot of innovators together. The numbers from past years’ events tell us about the groundbreaking effect of South Summit on the startup ecosystem. No matter what vertical you work in, which stage you are in and which country you come from, you can participate in the annually arranged editions. Disruptive startups from previous batches such as Cabify, Typeform and Glovo raised $3.5+ billion in total after the event and more than 35 of them made their exits by selling their companies or going public. In 2020, it was a mindblowing organization in that extraordinary year; more than 3700 startups (from 110+ countries; 36% are Spanish origin and 64% international origin) which have raised $4.3 billion so far have applied for them. More than 1100 investors with a $120 billion fund under management in total also attended the last edition. They had 15 live channels on South Summit TV, which they planned in a completely different way and launched to organize the online event in the pandemic and more than 52,000 audiences with 30 hours of content. 12,100 connections between users were held in one to one platform.

South Summit is now ready for a new round and applications are open for Startup Competition. Don’t forget to apply before April 27th. If you want to participate in 2021 edition with discount, you can write to us --->

Yasir Tok
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