Startup Spotlight #1: Minorpreneurs

March 15, 2019

Lots of our friends from various startups are asking us "a favor" to give them coverage on our blog, but mostly due to our busy schedule, we couldn't answer most of them. But you guys all know that we love you, right?

So starting this week, we will cover at least 1 startup each week with our new "Startup Spotlight" series. We won't treat anyone differently or pull the strings for anyone. That means we are also open for any startups that we didn't have the chance to meet yet.

We will get applications from our new Typeform page (which can be reached here to apply) and inform you if you are fit for our Startup Spotlight. Also if you are new to Hackquarters network, you may get the chance to be invited to one of our many startup programs.

So, here is our first startup: Minorpreneurs.

What is the name of your startup?


What is your website adress?

Which country are you based in?


What are your targeted verticals?

E-Learning, AI, Blockchain, Education

Tell us what your startup does, briefly.

Minorpreneurs was founded to work with children and youth ones aged 7-25 to build creative, social individuals out of them who never give up.

Tell us about your team, briefly.

In our team, we have 6 full-time and 2 part-time employees and over 50+ volunteers. Minorpreneurs has been trying to find people that can share their vision, knowledge & ideas instead of their diplomas, degrees with us. We are all learners from our failures who think major and start minor. We are major dreamers & world changers who will have a generation to change the world with them. We are 'One' with our Minorpreneurs as the world has to be.

When and why did you found your startup?

Oct 2015 We came up with the idea of Minorpreneurs to raise a stubborn generation who can change the world itself by developing world-changing startups because of the huge failing ratio of startups and the fear ratio of youth ones who wants to join the startup ecosystem. Only 6% of the youth ones wants to be an entrepreneur and 64% of those youth ones who want to create a business fear to fail and do not be an entrepreneur. They do not know their potentials, they do not have experiences. Globally 78% of labor productivity is creating by startups and also 18% of the global business economy are the startups who have founded by under 23 years old people. We want to increase the numbers! We want to change and shape the world by raising new Minorpreneurs who wants to change the world with his/her startups. These were our biggest reasons while we founded Minorpreneurs.

What are your key and unique features?

Classical education systems focus on topics. We focus people because potential of every person is different and they understand almost each topic differently. Firstly we discover the potential of the children and youth ones. ( 7-25 yrs old.) Then we re-model our system by learning styles of our students then the education of learning how to learn will start. After the Hacker / Hustler / Hipster courses we create teams.

What is your growth like, currently?

We do not have any online system yet. However August 30, 2019, we will launch MinorEdu the platform which has AI to discovering the potential of students and remodel the education and courses by learning style of each student. We do it offline for now.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

We educated 256 Minorpreneurs now and 452 more are on the way. Those 256 Students have founded 19 different startups and won 300+ worldwide prizes and earn, take invesment over 1.8 M$ totally and reach over 120.000+ customers from 24 countries and have created 118 job opportunities since May 2016.
3 of the startup founders have talked at TEDx. And one of them is the youngest one ever in MENA.

What are your plans for next year and next 5 years?

On 23 April, 2019 we will launch our first Alpha of MinorEdu. Also who wants to be alpha tester will come our events named MinorStarts which has entrepreneurship workshops and inspring talks and every month we make it new one.
On 19 May, 2019 we will launch our open Beta of MinorEdu.
On August 30, 2019 we will launch it.

Did you receive any investments?

We'd bootstrapped Minorpreneurs however on 2017 we have joined the family of Hackquarters.
We have been searching for smart money and talking investors who is powerful about marketing in Europe & EMEA for MinorEdu and searching new ones who will become the first investors of MinorEdu and those ones will win the chance to be the first investors of MinorEdu startups who will found the next Uber, Airbnb …etc.

Tell us 3 startups that excite you, and why?

We can give you 5 instead of 3 =)
Charmy - List sharing AI platform
InTurn Platform - An intern opportunity for high school students.
Rush - Gamer Social Platform
Gamers of Future - Educating students who have potentials to be an e-sport player in high schools & universities
Compocket - Smallest oscilloscope of the world.

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