Startup Spotlight #37: Sanction Scanner

April 11, 2020

Money laundering is the process of making money generated with illegal activities that appear to have come from legal sources. Basically, it is the answer to governments’ question of where this money comes from. There is a lot of illegal method like smurfing, the tax has ns, trade-based money laundering, etc. Anti Money laundering means preventing money laundering. Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to a series of procedures, regulations, and laws that prevent the “clearance” of money from illegal activities, such as the sale of illegal drugs.Financial institutions have to identify money laundering activities. However, most financial institutions cannot find an easy and cost-effective AML solution. Sanction Scanner provides companies with comprehensive and up-to-date AML data. Businesses can safely perform AML checks with Sanction Scanner’s powerful search algorithms supported by artificial intelligence.

What is your first name?


Welcome, Fatih! What is your surname?


What is the name of your startup?

Sanction Scanner

What is the website address of Sanction Scanner?

Where is your startup based?


What are your targeted verticals for your startup?

FintechMachine Learning / AIEnterprise SaaS

Tell us what your startup does.

Sanction Scanner is an AI-Driven Sanction & PEP Screening tool that built for Companies Compliance requirements. Sanction Scanner collects all around the world Sanction, PEP & Watchlist data, enhanced them and serve this data to companies via different channels.

Tell us about your team.

We are 9 people in Sanction Scanner. I'm the founder of Sanction Scanner. Other than me, a CTO, a CMO, a Sales specialist, 3 developers, a tester and a project manager.

When and why did you found your startup?

We've started Sanction Scanner about two years ago. As a founder I work in Fintech for 11 years, I have a chance to see fintech companies requirements. Most Financial Institutions can't find an easy and affordable AML solution. We did it.

What are your key and unique features?

-Always Updated-Fresh Data-Enhanced & Structured Profiles with our AI-Driven Algorithms- Holistic AML Features for supply the Compliance Programs-Powerful API for integration because we believe fintech means integration

What is your growth like?

We are growing as we planned. We've executed more than 3 Million Transactions in 8 months. Sanction Scanner is working on 9 different countries. We want to reach 20 different countries in 6 months. We are focussing on 3 different key areas, fintech, cryptos, and neo-banks. Our team already planned this stage and we are executing right now.

What are your plans for next year and the next 5 years?

We want to become a Regtech leader in our country and one of the most innovative startups in this sector. The other aim of us is to sell SanctionScanner to 150+ different countries.

Did you receive any investments?

No. We are all bootstrapped.

Tell us 3 startups that excite you, and why?

Basecamp. Asana and SanctionScanner :)

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