Startup Spotlight #44 Ecording

June 5, 2020

Drones are a technology that excites everyone. Today, the drone is used in many areas from photography to the defense industry. We see that drones continue to make our lives easier. In the future, we will encounter more frequent use of drones in different areas.ecording which is one of the selected startups for HSBC Sustainable Growth Program is our guest for Startup Spotlight. Mert Karslıoğlu, Co-Founder of ecording has shared their ecording journey.

What is the website address of ecording?

Where is your startup based?


What are your targeted verticals for your startup?

Afforestation with ecoDrone

Tell us what your startup does.

ecording is a social enterprise that develops environmental technologies devoted to raising environmental awareness in individuals and in companies and carry out afforestation works with ecoDrone by throwing seed balls to hard-to-reach areas that need to afforested.

Tell us about your team.

We are a team of 8 in ecording Istanbul Headquarters. Also, the women who are living in rural areas of Turkey and produce the seed balls for ecoDrone to carry out afforestation works are an important part of our team.

When and why did you found your startup?

We are aware of the fact that we have to act immediately to stop climate change and the effects of climate change. With the same consciousness, we believe that the solution to this global solution is only possible when every individual and company act environmentally conscious. In this direction, we are established with the aim of developing environmental technologies for individuals and companies to fight against climate change.

What are your key and unique features?

We are raising environmental awareness in individuals and companies. By doing that, we help women in rural areas, who are fighting an uphill battle because of climate change, earn. We are only charging companies to deliver the seed balls with our special ecoDrone. We are also throwing seed balls with ecoDrone for our company’s social media followers but we are not charging them. That way we are creating a special connection between us and the individuals. We develop our ecoDrones in Turkey to carry out afforestation works by throwing seed balls.

What is your growth like?

In the last 6 months, we doubled our revenue. We partnered with international companies in fighting climate change. 2 new team members joined our team.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

We threw more than 120 thousand seed balls to the ground with ecoDrone. Our upcoming aerial seeding operation of our #StayHomeForest will increase this number with 265 thousand more seed balls thrown with ecoDrone. We worked with 14 women, who are facing economic challenges because of climate change, to fight against income injustice while fighting against the climate crisis.

What are your plans for next year and next 5 years?

Our short term missions; partnerships with companies and institutions from every sector and create an R&D fund, and develop an afforestation model for the world’s afforestation independent of institutions, associations, foundations, with that R&D fund. With our 1 billion seed balls thrown with ecoDrone in 10 years mission, we aim to reduce the world’s and Turkey’s CO2 emissions and in the long run known as the responsible company for environmental awareness and environmental technologies in Turkey and the world.

Did you receive any investments?


Tell us 3 startups that excite you, and why?

BlindLook is an inspiring startup in Turkey, that makes social life easier for blind people. ForFarming is an innovative startup in Turkey, they are doing a revolutionary job in agriculture in today's world. iyzico is a successful startup in Turkey, which has solutions on payment systems but the most outstanding part is the team culture and company culture of iyzico.

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